YouTube’s First Video Posted On 23rd April 2005

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In the first video submitted to YouTube we find out that elephants in the zoo have actually long trunks, but it goes to prove that everything is all about perspective. People who adore elephants and coolness will appreciate the information exhibited in the video as it is. However, that a individual with a fantastic business mind would understand a great idea, which reaches a hungry niche market, and is properly financed, can make billions of dollars, and also eventually become a cultural icon. On the other hand, a individual with a philosophical bent might learn that the most mundane phenomenon can attain greatness with the right set of circumstances.

The first YouTube video, entitled “Me at the zoo,” was published at 8:27 Pacific Time, Saturday April 23rd, 2005. The video was captured by a fellow named Yakov Lapitsky, and reveals his friend Jawed Karim commenting on how cool actually long elephant trunks is.

This first video was published by username jawed was obviously a powerful evaluation since the video is still alive and well for elephant fans and YouTube history fans to view. There has to be several fans and fans because this video was viewed more than four million times with over twenty three million ‘likes.’ What is odd is that more than two million viewers took the time to dislike the video, which consumer jawed, up to now, has posted six other videos to the site!

The site’s founders, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, bought the domain ‘’ on February 14, 2005. With the first video uploaded 68 days after it’s not surprising, nor was it essential, that the three creators spent a great deal of time working on this first video.

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