Wrong Rumors of Royal Wedding – Prince Harry with Meghan Markle

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The rumor mills is overdrive earlier the weeding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and here are a few of the incorrect rumors which spread across social media platforms and other media following the couple declared to become wedding.

Before March this season per magazine claimed Markel was considering calling off the wedding Prince had continued his proximity with his ex, Cressida Bonas. Later it had been discovered Harry and Bonas were not found together since a December Christmas carol event. Even there is not any solid evidence that both were hanging out frequently amid wedding programs were moving full steam ahead.

Prince Harry was first introduced to Bonas by his first cousin, Princess Eugenie. Since the begin of their love the two was seen regularly out on cool dinner dates fueling rumors that a engagement was imminent.

In April it had been rumored Harry and Markle to proceed to Malibu to invest about four weeks of the season there. It was discovered incorrect afterwards as Markle is required to devote a certain sum of time in UK for British citizen and moving to US signifies no fulfilling of the lawful requirements.

In past November rumor mill tried to explain US President Donald Trump wouldn’t be invited to the royal wedding since he is a serious hazard to human rights. However, there was no word out of Prince Harry roughly the narrative but in April this season it had been confirmed neither Trump nor other political leaders including UK prime minister Theresa May will be attending the nuptials.

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