Why URL Shorteners May Kill Your Computer

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As an internet consumer nowadays, you need to be well aware of the risks posed by URL shorteners. If you are not mindful of them, well, the main, most important threat is their ability to hide potentially malicious links. This implies that if you click a shortend link you might potentially be killing your PC.
Usually the popular URL shorteners take steps to protect their customers from malicious links, however, there are lots more vague and not-so-popular URL shorteners out there which can not safeguard their customers as well.

A hacker called Ben Schmidt was inspired by most the media attention garnered by the WikiLeak’s “hackivists” DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) strikes few years back. He decided there may be a much more worrisome use for URL shortening services. He built a site, d0z.com, which looks and behaves like every other URL shortener from the perspective of the individual clicking the link. The sole difference is that behind the scenes it’s initiating a DDOS assault on the goal of the link founder’s choosing.

Schmidt place a disclaimer on the site which claims that d0z.me is a demonstration of how simple it is to orchestrate a DDoS assault without having to infect somebody’s PC or having to take charge of a botnet by spreading malware.

You likely do not need to be concerned about the links that you discuss with bit.ly however, howeveryou must be conscious of the potential risks of abbreviated URLs, and hackers can use them to gain an edge over their enemies.

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