Why 2019 could finally be the year people start taking cybersecurity seriously

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There’s been no lack of security and privacy incidents above the ago year. It’s really turned into a little ridiculous how frequently we hear another information breach or cyber assault. That could wind up having one of two outcomes. Either people will start caring about keeping their information secure online…or we song it out altogether. I think it’ll be the # & former 8211; here is why.

Cambridge Analytica. The General Data Protection Regulation. Net neutrality. A surge of fresh, next-generation ransomware.

2018 was quite the year for cybersecurity – and even more-so for the typical user, that has been bombarded with so many messages regarding privacy, security, and information protection they’ve likely lost count. I understand I have. Between the (unsurprising) revelation that Facebook was allegedly misusing our information for many years and the flooding of emails ‘committed to our privacy,’ it’s easy to get burnt out.

And perhaps a couple people will.

But I believe the majority of web users, at least one of millennials, are more security-conscious than ever before. We’re starting to care more about our privacy. We’re starting to have a more active part in the way our information is accumulated and processed.

And with that empowerment stems the realisation of why we ought to keep ourselves and our own information secure online. People are, as a whole, starting to know what happens if they do not. They’re starting to realise the inherent threat in a digital world, where the sum total of your life may be downloaded via a unsecured server with a couple clicks.

Consider, for instance, a 2017 Gallup poll of millennials – now the largest generation. In it, it had been discovered they are more aware of potential security threats, less likely to trust social media companies with their information and likelier to expect companies to keep their information secure. At the exact same time, 70percent of people anticipate that privacy will be compromised as we proceed ahead .

Of course, there will still be people who are far more interested in downloading the most recent browser sport than they are in questioning how game utilizes private information. That’s one thing which will never change. There are a few who will not care about how their information is used.

Even therefore, I’d like to think that people people will probably be the minority. That in light of the scandals, trials, and tribulations we’ve found on the web in the ago year, we move forward to something greater. That as we proceed through 2019, we’ll finally start treating privacy and security with the respect and attention they are due.

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