What To Do With Old Game Consoles

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If you’re buying new game consoles, do you really understand exactly what to do with the older consoles? Here are several tips:

DVD, Blu-ray player

Your previous versions PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 may play DVDs. So, do not buy a new DVD player if you’re planning for you personally for your next TV. Save some cash since you’re able to play DVDs on these consoles. The PS3 also plays Blu-ray discs, which is an extra advantage.

Streaming box

Streaming is the new technologies of watching movies these days. You want Apple TV or Roku to this, however your older consoles are capable of streaming movies. So, do not promote your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 if you’ve purchased brand new ones. Use these to observe streaming stuff out of Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, Crackle and couple more streaming services. Remember, the Xbox 360 even comes with an exclusive HBO Go program that will assist you again miss another episode of Game of Thrones. Well, you also have to be a HBO subscriber for this.


Sometimes you might like to play classic games. These older consoles are high-powered gaming machines and you’re able to play old titles like The Last of Us, Grand Theft and Halo 3 here as the recently launched PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are not able to play these elderly disc-based games.

Sell outside

You might be having a DVD player in your residence. You are also having a streaming box. In such situations the above said might not fit you. Still, that you can sell your old games console to get some hard cash. You exchange it for in-store credit at GameCease and other retailers. You may also promote it on eBay or Craiglist for fairly good cash. Next, you can utilize the cash in buying a new console.

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