Training with one weight that only takes 30 minutes

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If that you own a cast-iron weight with a deal from the father or grandfather, and you’re looking for a way to get rid of it, then we advise you to not do it.  Moreover, even if you don’t have any these weight, then, possibly, after reading this article, you will want to purchase it.  Because now we will let you know about a few exercises with a round kettlebell, thanks to which you’ll be able to find a fantastic form.  And with this actually nothing but her lonely is required; You may conduct these exercises right in the home, and this training will require no longer than 30 minutes.

By the manner, according to the generally accepted opinion, this weight is a American invention that appeared countless years back.  Since then, a great deal of time has passed, fitness was changed into an independent civilization, simulators have emerged, however the old great weight from cast iron still hasn’t lost its usage.  Therefore, if she is still gathering dust in the corner of your area, then it’s time to dismiss the dust off her and get started doing the exercises listed below.

Exercise 1

This is a multifunctional exercise that includes several sorts of motions without stopping.  To begin with, lift the weight with one hands to the degree of the chest so that the palm is facing down, and also at the lifting point the arm is parallel to the floor.  From this position, while continuing to grip the weight in the same hand, you’re doing a squat, bending your knees in a 90 degree angle.  Then, in the sitting position, lift the weight over your head, completely straightening your legs and working .  After this, you’re doing a squat with a lunge of the opposite leg forwards, then return to the original position.  After completing the required number of repetitions, begin doing this exercise with your other hand.

Exercise two

This exercise consists of three continuous moves.  First wrap the manage of the weight with both hands and, holding it in front of you, perform the Romanian cravings (flex the body down, slightly bending your knees).  Then, leveling up in your toes, lift the weight to chest level, putting your elbows in different directions.  After that, slightly alter the position of the palms so that the fingers remain on the manage, and the palms rest on the curved part of the weight, and also in this position, do a squat accordingly that the hips are parallel to the floor.  Return into the starting position and begin a new cycle.

Exercise 3

Stand in a stand, bending the body forwards and resting the right leg, slightly flexed at the knee.  Stretch your leg back that the heel is slightly raised.  Take the weight in your left hand, and place the other on the right thigh for balancing.  Begin to lift the weight into the degree of the belt combined the vertical route ( bending the elbow of the working arm.

Exercise 4

To do this exercise, you have to take the usual emphasis lying, only one hand rests not on the flooring, however on the surface of the weight.  Having taken the appropriate position, begin pushing up.  After completing one approach, place the weight below the other hand.

Number of repetitions: 8 on every side

Exercise 5

Sit on the flooring, holding the weight with both hands at chest level.  Put your spine back 45 levels, along with your thighs slightly off the floor.  Turn the chest in different directions, moving the weight in the opposite direction from the human anatomy.

Number of repetitions: 10–15

Exercise 6 )

Lie in your spine, bending your knees and holding the weight tightly with both hands in your chest.  Slowly lift the shell over you, completely straightening your arms, as if doing a bench press.  Then additionally gradually return to the starting position.

Number of repetitions: 8–12

Exercise 7

Tilt the torso forwards, slightly flexed at the knees and holding a weight in one hands between the legs.  Swing the projectile back, then using a hammer in your outstretched arm, then lift it into chest level.  At the time of lifting weights, you want to straighten the body and legs.

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