Tired of Seafood? Find the Best New England Restaurant for You

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One of the joys of cruising round the picturesque harbour towns of New England must be the incredible, fresh fish widely available at its beachfront restaurants. But if you fancy a rest from the ubiquitous lobster rolls and rolls chowders, which New England restaurant could you rely on to provide exquisite non-fishy cuisine? Below are five restaurants that provide varied and unconventional dishes for people in need of a fish break.

Which non-seafood New England restaurant is right for you?

The White Horse Tavern — Newport, Rhode Island

Most New England yacht charters will stop off the city of Newport, the summer park for several of America’s wealthiest of families, famous for its rich yachting history and beautiful historic mansions.

Among them, also said to be the oldest tavern in the USA dating back to 1673, is the White Horse Tavern. Far out of being a tourist trap, The White Horse Tavern is very popular with locals, who appreciate its old-world, romantic setting and modern cuisine. While seafood is still on the menu, there’s a lot to select for carnivores, also, for example Angus throw hamburgers, slow-roasted shoulder of pork, steak frites, crispy duck breast and individual Beef Wellingtons.

Proprietor’s Bar & Table — Nantucket, Massachusetts

The tiny island of Nantucket, a former whaling center, is famous for its pristine beaches, fairly cobblestone streets and historic buildings. A must-visit New England restaurant for anybody passing through is the Proprietor’s Bar & Table, renowned for its internationally-inspired tastes and friendly, down-to-earth atmosphere. For meat-eaters there’s an interesting and eclectic choice, for example smoked beef tongue, crispy Thai pork or lamb ribs with harissa. They additionally offer you exceptional choices for vegetarians and vegans, including divine butternut squash tacos, as well as cocktails and quite a good wine selection.

The Covington — Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Martha’s Vineyard is an integral destination for New England’s yachting community, and it’s not tough to see why. This idyllic summer refuge boasts harbour cities, brightly-painted cottages, farmers’ markets, lighthouses and beautiful sandy beaches.

It has many restaurants, of which The Covington is just one of the finest, with a changing menu which includes duck breast or porterhouse steak for two. There can also be tiny plates and homemade pastas, and lots of options for vegetarians — the basil and green garlic pistou comes particularly suggested.

Emilitsa — Portland, Maine

Portland is now a popular city break destination for those sailing New England looking to discover its quirky seaside communities. Its shore is lined with independent boutiques and designer stores, art galleries, pubs playing live music and, of courserestaurants.

For a New England restaurant experience outside of the ordinary why not attempt Emilitsa, situated in the arts district and specialising in authentic regional Greek cuisine using fresh, local and organic ingredients. On provide is an array of Mezethakia, or Greek-design appetisers, as well as grilled lamb loin chops, pan-roasted duck breast and grilled chicken breast, to be enjoyed with a selection of Greek wines. For dessert-lovers, the chocolate feta cheesecake with caramel sauce is a treat not to be missed.

Havana — Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island, Maine

The final stop on several New England leaks is Mount Desert Island, additionally in Maine. Here, you will find sea cliffs and rocky shores, forests and mountain vistas. Bar Harbor is the island’s main heart for shopping, dining and nightlife, and has been a favorite summer destination for over two centuries, frequented by celebrities, socialites and business leaders.

For a lavish seafood-free experience attempt Havana’s upscale Cuban cuisine. Choices include the filet mignon, grilled with a coffee and chili rub, or flank steak served with speckled goats cheese. It offers an extensive wine list, a lively setting, and friendly and helpful staff, making it the ideal place to round off your trip.

When you would like to escape the plethora of fish but still crave any culinary experiences, fear not — New England includes a wide range of excellent eateries to pick from. Let us understand your favourite non-seafood New England restaurant in the remarks below.

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