Tim Booth Clarified His New Album Is Not About Donald Trump

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Singer Tim Booth made it quite clear that his group James’ newest album, Living in Extraordinary Times, is an album about Donald Trump. The opening course Hank makes no effort to pretend it#8217;s anything other than a full-blown musical attack the Trump administration.

Alternative rock group James are preparing to launch a new record, Living In Extraordinary Times, which is partially inspired by the President of the United States.

One of the monitors, titled Hank, references fascists in the White House while Booth says his disdain for Mr Trump’s position on women and minorities. And he believes the rise of Mr Trump and the far-right signifies the planet stands at a similar point to 1930s Europe if Hitler throw a shadow above the continent.

As somebody who has joint UK-US nationality and has lived in California for the last decade, Booth has strong opinions on the US president.

Booth insists that – despite the lyrics “Fake news divides to hide /History’s rich get to keep whatever they slip – Heads is really positive in its outlook.

Booth said, “The next half of the tunes is ‘Here’s the fantasy, ivory tapestry, dovetailing compassion ’. I go on about Mycelium – mushrooms produce this underground system which links vegetation.

“If a shrub is lacking in minerals, through this underground root system, 1 tree will give the minerals to the other shrub that is dying. It’s a sharing platform. So within that tune that begins quite aggressively addressing the status quo, it states ‘Here’s the fantasy, this is exactly what we desire where there’s enough for everybody ’.

“It’s a really positive announcement, therefore James are constantly, I think in the finish, a optimistic band. ”

The brand new album also touches the profoundly private with the monitor Coming Home (Pt 2), which Tim claims is an absent father’s apology for his children and is a continuation of sorts to Come Home from James’ seminal 1990 record Gold Mother.

Speaking in his house in Los Angeles, he advised the Press Association:”There are just two tunes directly about Trump’s America. I do not like political tunes, generally. I do not listen to them. And I find I’ve likely written about four in my life.

“But when there’s a degree of racism and misogyny and only obvious, blatant lying and he could hypnotise at least 40 percent, it seems like we’re in the 1930s in Europe, where anything could happen. There may be a takeover. It feels like he is that harmful to democracy.

“I view him as a incredibly dangerous individual for the entire world. Because America is the most powerful country in the world and also to possess the mind of the nation, someone who is really un-self-aware, narcissistic, unthinking and un-self-conscious in the right meaning of the world.

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