The dangers of chicken meat

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Are you the ones that wash the chicken before cooking it?  Although you think it is a fantastic practice, this simple gesture that is replicated in restaurants and homes increases the opportunities that the bacteria it contains will extend throughout your kitchen.  Some bacteria which, in addition, are resistant to antibiotic therapy, no matter of whether it is poultry, purchased in supermarket, packaged or in bulk.

When we discuss salmonella, we all come to the mind the outbreaks of intoxication from the ingestion of eggs.  Although the egg may contain this category of bacteria (both inside and in the shell), there are lots of other products which are the concentrate of meals infections.  One of them is chicken, a food which carries little understood dangers if it is not treated properly.

As the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the  United States guarantees, annually nearly 1 million Americans are contaminated by consuming this food.  And one of the main reasons is the therapy that receives a lot of before and during cooking.

The risk involved in this merchandise has been extended due to the achievement of some potentially harmful dishes, for example chicken sashimi.  This typical dish of Japanese cuisine is generally created with other forms of meat and fish, but has evolved.  The end result?  An raw piece of chicken which has captivated palates about the planet and causes many health issues. .

As the popularity of this dish develops, alarms about its consumption have been increasing.  An instance is the warning issued by the Food Strategy Agency about raw chicken or which issued by FSIS about many Salmonella outbreaks in Minnesota.  The trigger of these outbreaks was the chicken poorly cooked, this time it had been chicken products suspended, breaded and pre-golden.

In Spain, the OCU has also published a report warning about the resistance of the bacteria found in eggs and chicken.  The message carried by these organizations is apparent: washing the chicken and cooking it seriously increases the risk of cross-contamination.

How perform I avoid salmonella?

Salmonella is a bacterial disease that impacts the intestinal system and causes vomiting, diarrhea, high fever, etc. These bacteria live in the intestines of individuals and some animals like chicken.  The main cause of infection is inadequate cooking or cross-contamination of poultry meat, eggs and unpasteurized milk . 

Some of the best tips we may give you to avoid this food poisoning with chicken are predicated on hygiene:

  • Wash your hands with soap before handling the meat.
  • Never wash the piece of meat that you’re going to cookbecause you will disperse the bacteria during your kitchen.
  • Make certain that the planks you use to reduce and the knives are all clean.
  • Do not place any other meals the surfaces in which you’ve put raw chicken, since you will get them to eventually become infected.
  • Do not anticipate the colour of the meat as an indicator that they are cooked.  It is ideal to use a thermometer.
  • The interior of the chicken must achieve the fever of 73. 88 ° C
  • If you’ve cooked chicken, sterile  the countertops and utensils you’ve used really well.
  • When you quit handling the chicken, clean your hands with soap to avoid any possibility of infection.

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