The Chicken Coop Checklist

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Building a chicken coop does not need to be as difficult as it appears. But there are a few important things which you have to remember. Here is a checklist to guide you:

  • Roost. Chicken sleep as much as every other animal, sometimes more. They like to sleep on a porch, which means you ought to make an effort and install a horizontal bar across the chicken home where they could sleep.
  • Nesting Boxes. Chickens require nesting boxes in which they will have the ability to put their eggs. These nests ought to have some hot insulation like straw. It is advised that you have one nesting box each three hens.
  • Food and Water. You have lots of freedom when it comes to the way you design your coop but lots of men and women keep their claws off the floor. This will help prevent spillage and accidents.
  • Insulation and Bedding. The many frequent bedding material is straw since it’s absorbent, soft and cheap to get the birds. You may additionally use wood shavings or chips. Remember your chicken will require less insulation in summertime.
  • Ventilation. Have you smell a chicken coop which have not been cleaned-out and ventilated correctly? It’s not pretty! Install a single window but remember to shield it with chicken wire or net.
  • Protection. Chickens have quite a bit of predators. Make sure that you protect your chickens using a wire mesh round the outside building with sturdy materials and remembering to padlock the door.
  • Watertight and Shade. Chickens like us who despise being too hot or too cold. Make certain that the coop is watertight to stop them getting chilly during the wet season. Also, make sure that it has shaded place where your chickens can get from the sunlight and cool off.  IMPORTANT.
  • Egg Access. Make convinced you may easily gather the eggs which you chickens have laid.

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