The Alliance to End Plastic Waste just wants to make more of it

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Is burning plastic waste a fantastic idea? No.

TreeHugger has long been a fan of Elizabeth Royte, writer of Bottlemania and Garbage Land: On the secret trail of crap. She knows her stuff it comes to single-use plastic. As component of a National Geographic series on Planet or Plastic, she appears at the question: Is burning plastic waste a fantastic idea? She notes the Europeans think so, and consider it a renewable source:

It considers energy generated by burning any kind of carbon-based municipal waste renewable and so eligible for subsidies. But plastics are not sustainable in the feel that timber, paper, or cotton are. Plastics do not grow from sunlightWe make them from fossil fuels extracted from the earth, and every step in that procedure contains the potential to pollute.

Exactly. We have predicted plastics a solid fossil fuel, which places out more CO2 per kWh created than burning coal. We also have noted that we have to aim to get a circular market, in which stuff is reused, not burned or landfilled.

Plastics are linearEllen MacArthur Foundation/ / CC BY two .0

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