Tesla Senior Designer Andrew Kim Now At Apple, And Why Apple Won’t Make Cars – Electric or Otherwise

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I don’t think Apple will make a vehicle. It’s a risky wager for one of the most highly valued companies in the planet where investors monitor metrics in the tenths of percentage points. It’s where the CEO takes bonus cover reductions for missing goals. Is such a movement worth the risk? Probably not, since Apple is yet to establish its expertise in the field of autonomous vehicle technology, and making an auto is well out of its reach unless it acquires an automobile manufacturing company. Nevertheless, of the droves of folks leaving Tesla to join Apple, another new hire stands from the audience: Andrew Kim, previously of Microsoft and most recently a senior designer in Tesla.

The recruitment obviously rekindled rumors of an Apple self-driving auto, however Apple CEO Tim Cook’s views of a year or two back indicate otherwise.

In January 2017, Cook committed to the self-driving technology match, calling it “the mother of all AI projects.” With all the information of shutting down its secretive Project Titan division and the firm hiring automobile designers, it might seem natural that such rumors still exist. After why hire an automobile designer if you’re not going to earn a car, right?

Well, maybe not quite.

While a car designer might be utilized for early design phases in the automobile manufacturing business, it is also a critical part in designing autonomous driving systems, which has been Apple’s mentioned objective. Without a designer, how will Apple understand where to set the detectors, the way to adapt the underlying cabling and circuitry, the way to best provide driver controllers, what degree of visibility is required in a completely autonomous automobile, what connectivity facets are connected to the design of the body, etc? If Apple is designing and testing autonomous vehicle technology, they will certainly require a person with automobile design expertise. And what better business to “poach” in the industry leader in self-driving technology which likewise has designing and manufacturing expertise?

I believe that’s where Apple is led with this. At the most, I find them making the hardware and software for an autonomous vehicle system, but maybe not the car itself.


An analogy might help explain why it’s a terrible idea for Apple to begin making automobiles. Look in the harvest of automakers now which are stumbling over each other to catch up with Tesla on the electric vehicle front. Things were quite different even as recently as five decades back, when leading car executives were publicly criticizing Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk due to their mad notions about EVs taking over the world. Most of them ended up eating their words and really praising Musk’s group Tesla for the function they’t completed in that time.

What’s happening today? Companies like Volkswagen, Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, Audi, General Motors and Ford are committing billions of dollars involving their particular EV agendas. But have they succeeded in coming up with a worthy rival to Tesla’s impressive line-up of EV sedans and crossover SUVs? Hardly. One look at the Jaguar iPace’s amounts or the Audi E-tron Quattro’s specs and you’ll see who’s having the last laugh.

Meanwhile, Tesla is tearing it up with production and delivery ramps, also is around the verge of executing a international master expansion program. It has generated new niches for EVs and is currently taking its pounds of flesh out of most the leading car manufacturers, Japanese, German and American alike.

Now, back to Apple. If the firm did, indeed, have plans to establish a Apple automobile, it would necessarily need to be an electric vehicle. Any internal combustion vehicle they do create will probably be obsolete in the next few years, if not earlier. That goes against the grain of Apple trying to nurture new and sustainable flows of earnings. And Apple doesn’t possess the technologies to create a car to conquer Tesla, which is currently the international standard. It has cash to pump into this kind of job, for certain, but getting there ahead the BMWs and Volkswagens of the planet is outside of the question.

Cook is trying to appear into a future which is not quite as dependent on iPhone earnings as it is now. The firm has ridden that wave long , even allowing the tide to bring it into the top of the pile as the most precious firm in the world. That tide might currently be poised to recede, and Apple wants something to be applicable within the next few decades.

That’s Tim Cook’s occupation, and he’s done a brilliant job of it during his tenure as CEO. But the project isn’t over yet. Apple Services is currently contributing an increasingly bigger piece of the earnings pie, however the firm needs longer, and quicker. An entirely competent autonomous vehicle system &# 2 8211; Apple branded – could be the crucial, not a self-driving vehicle.

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