Synchro swimmers perform in a pool filled with plastic

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Two teens send a powerful message regarding the consequences of plastic pollution.

Two young synchronized swimmers in Britain have produced a dab with a current operation. Kate Shortman (17) and Isabelle Thorpe (18) of Bristol tried their World Championship synchro routine in a swimming pool filled with floating plastic waste.

The functionality, which was asked by the organizers the Big Bang Fair, that an yearly science fair to up-and-coming young scientists and engineers, made a powerful statement about the impact of plastic pollution on the Earth. From a writeup on the Big Bang Fair site:

“Unsurprisingly, [the] youthful synchro pair… fought to perform their routine swimmingly in a training pool littered with thousands of items of floating plastic. Getting in the means of their generally effortless-looking functionality were countless single-use plastic drinking bottles, not to mention a’sea’ of plastic toiletries, plastic bags and plastic food containers.”

A video (embedded under ) reveals them coming up with plastic bags in their toes, bottles getting in the means of their arcing arms, and garbage floating beyond because they dive underwater. One can not help but squirm uncomfortably while watching. It seems so wrong to be swimming in the midst of that crap, and this is exactly what innumerable birds, fish, and other marine life need to cope with each day.

Big Bang Fair synchro swimmers&backup; Big Bang Fair (utilized with permission)

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