Single-usage plastics are being incinerated instead of recycled in the USA

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All which is solid waste melts into air.

The dirty little secret of recycling in the USA is it largely never occurred; a few materials( like aluminum, are precious enough to recycle in North America, and Amazon never has sufficient cardboard. But it was actually a ruse to make us feel great about single-use packaging and also to avoid manufacturer responsibility. Most of the plastic waste has been stuck in shipping containers and marketed to China, where plentiful cheap labor could different the dirty from the clean and the polypropylene from the styrene.

So if China shut its doors to dirty plastics, American cities experienced an issue. Landfills are filling up, cities are turning into incineration, or as they like to call it, waste-to-energy. This is common in Scandinavia, and they had to perform it in the plant revealed in the photograph over. Except it had been closed because it couldn’t fulfill the demanding European criteria for dioxin, so they spent a billion kroner or so to own Bjarke design the fancy fresh Amager Bakke facility with the ski run the roof.

Covanta emissions© Covanta

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