Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber Together Again

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber appear to be together again. The two were spotted holding hands and hugging after the November 1 ice hockey match although it is well known the 25-year old is not a big hockey fan. She was there simply to cheer the on-going boyfriend, about two years younger to her. The 23-year old singer plays Borrachos, the term that imply ‘drunk’ in Spanish. He sometimes even play Ice Pack team. Immediately later the match Gomez hugged Bieber, complimenting how well he played. Before leaving the place the two were spotted holding hands also. The comeback of Gomez to Bieber was quite fast. She recently broke with 27-year old The Weeknd after dating and romancing for approximately ten months. Now she is again Bieber’s girl. A source said the “Hands to Myself” singer intently watched Bieber drama during and wasn’t concentrated anything else. She seldom talked to others seated beside her was not foound checking her phone also. The eyes were only on the boyfriend with whom she had earlier spent a romantic time. However, the two are reconnecting and definitely making up for lost time. Gomez made it quite apparent during the match she had been the venue only for her man. She was dressed in Bieber’s baseball jersey while leaving together. The jersey was same he played in. His final name was visible on the back. This appeared something quite cozy as she chose to wear Bieber’s sweaty shirt later the game was finished.

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