Seedsheet makes it’ridiculously simple’ to grow your own food

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It’s much easier than taking a trip to your local farmers’ market.

Growing food is assumed to be simple. Drop a few seeds in soil, add water and sunlight, and voilà, food! But as most people amateur anglers have discovered, there’s more to it compared to that. Pests, weeds, less-than-ideal weather, compacted soil, and a number of other variables have an annoying trend to complicate things and decrease the harvest.

But what if it can be made simpler? What if more guesswork was shot from gardening and you were told precisely what to perform, step by step, and also precisely what your plants wanted on a daily basis?

This is exactly what Seedsheet has put out to do. The ambitious Vermont-established firm is striving to create it “ridiculously easy to grow plants.” The procedure begins with real seed’sheets’ that contain pre-mixed organic and non-GMO seeds in dissolvable components with weed-blocking fabric, currently spaced for maximal production.

All you’ve to do is fill the provided fabric pot with potting soil, place the seed sheet at the top, bet it in location, add water, and then wait for the crops to grow. Access to accompanying program enables new anglers to receive helpful tips, reminders and recipes. Video tutorials plus also a weekly in-depth gardening lesson live on Facebook around out the support community.

herb sensor© Seedsheet — Garden Guru Sensor is visible in the herb bud cutaway, also the smartphone display proves that data provided by the sensor.

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