Savory sugar facts

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Most likelythis article will rage our cherished sweet teeth just as far as we are obscured by the vile, carbonated word “beloved sweet tooth.” Stop eating sweet, you kill yourself!  Who will read us then?  It is time to temper the consumption of sweet, since it is not without reason called the “white death”.  It is time to escape his alluring luscious hugs and cease the sweet poison flowing from the white fangs.

Intrusive and dangerous as a cigarette

Almost three quarters of the diseases in the planet are associated with inadequate nutrition.  But sugar sits the mind of these horsemen of the digestive apocalypse.  This sweet badger activates cancer cells no worse than smoking.  And the main issue is that quitting sugar is as difficult as quitting smoking.  Moreover, to deny the “sweet” is much more difficult.  So whenever you’re drinking coffee with sugar in the morning and seizing this allure with a cigarette, keep in mind that in reality you set a sign “Welcome, dear cancer” in your physique.  Even if you start drinking coffee without sugar, it ’t even be much better.  Do you understand why?

Trace in tobacco

Because sugar is contained in cigarettes.  It is anywhere, in almost any fruit, in almost any foods, so you shouldn’t use it over the norm.

Sugar – as an influential gangster controlling the city.  In all the issues with which he is associated, it smells like death.  About 17 million people annually die from obesity, from smoking – half a million.  Cardiovascular diseases kill more, and combined with diabetes, this is an additional 4 million deaths.  A total of 40 million die annually because of improper diet, which is led by sugar.

Curious reality

In 1900, normally, mankind became heavier by two litres each decade.  Nowadays, everything is a lot worse &# 1 8211; for many 58 kg, if we count from 2007.  And you state HLS, diets … And why?  Because we consume sugar with strands.

Sugar is anyplace

Butter, yogurt, tomato sauce, cereal, dried fruit, pasta, frozen pizza – exactly what unites these goods?  Sugar, because you might suspect, you watched the topic of the article.  Sugar is anywhere, but somewhere it is more, and someplace less.  He is like a enemy intelligence community – watching you, even once you don’t see him.  He is everywhere, in each fall, in each crumb, and it is impossible to get rid of him.  All this will end with a load of 500 calories in your gut.

Non-alcoholic drinks – the main supplier of sugar in the human anatomy

Everyone has talked about this, however we aren’t too lazy to replicate: carbonated drinks are seedlings of evil and sugar flaw on Earth.  Recent studies have blamed diet cola for developing dementia and stroke.  In overall, all high fructose drinks are incredibly deadly.

One miserable can of cola per day increases the risk of cardiovascular disease with a third and third the risk of developing diabetes by over 25 percent.

Everything is poor

Among other things, “white death” causes food allergies, hair loss, lower hormone levels, weakens eyesight, increases cholesterol, causes cancer, and contributes to liver disease, disrupts insulin production, destroys teeth and boosts osteoporosis.  And currently gradually, gradually put down the candies and eat and go normally.

Sweet flavor addiction

Like alcohol or drugs, sugar can make you addicted.  Unhappy mice, which were experimenting at Princeton University, endured from breaking when they did not receive sugar in the appointed time.  Over time, in order to increase blood sugar levels, they increasingly picked alcohol. All since sugar is in a position to increase the production of dopamine or the so-called hormone of happiness, causes addiction and provokes the utilization of compounds that cause much more powerful dependence.  For instance, someone who always consumes beer along with other low-alcohol drinks may well eventually switch to more powerful drinks.  Of course, sugar addiction is not quite as bright as narcotic, only without leaving a hint for the body it doesn’t go away.

Sugar gets more powerful

Despite these facts, sugar production is simply increasing, the procedure itself is becoming much more economical, which could not affect its quantity.  Every year sugar consumption increases by roughly 1 per cent.  Who is to blame?  Shadow authorities?  Masons?  Doctors who speak about the injury of sugar?  Damned Zionists who disturbs miserable humanity?  What difference do you understand about the injury of sweet?  You understand.  So, demonstrate citizenship and decrease consumption.  Only in this manner can you conquer your “white death”.

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