Roasted radishes with yogurt-tahini from Cook’s Illustrated new veggie cookbook

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See why ‘Vegetables Illustrated’ may become your favorite new cookbook.

I confess: I have a lot of cookbooks dedicated to vegetables. I also confess that I never would have imagined I needed another one, but after one look at Vegetables Illustrated, I stand corrected. It is a wonder!

I am a sucker for all things America’s Test Kitchen. I love my Cook’s Illustrated magazine, a subscription which my cute mother bestows upon me annually. I love that the recipes are really tested, and the cooking science along the way makes food-nerd me happy.

Their new vegetable cookbook is no different. First of all, it’s a looker (think: 175 color photos of completed dishes and 180 color step-by-step instructional photos, along with 125 black-and-white illustrations showing preparation techniques). But more than that, the recipes. There are 700 of them, featuring more than 70 vegetables.

With a majority of the plant-based food we eat coming from just three crops – wheat, corn and rice – we all need to be exploring how to eat new kinds of fruits and vegetables. This book’s tips, techniques, and “kitchen secrets” are a wonderful way to start.

Chapters are organized by vegetable, each with shopping and storage tips, information on varieties, and illustrations showing the preparation methods. There are some really interesting ideas, things I would have never thought of (and I think about vegetables a lot) – like parsnip hummus or a creamy pasta sauce made from corn kernels.

roasted radishes © Used with permission from America’s Test Kitchen

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