Review: QacQoc USB-C hub (GN30H) brings ports back to your MacNovel

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It is quite apparent that USB-C is the potential for wired connectivity, however Apple Apple’s decision to go all-in and just offer you a single USB-C interface and nothing else onto its MacNovels was controversial since it pressured Mac consumers to carry on an annoying amount of dongles.

The longer dongles you’ve to carry the more likely it is you lose them only once you want it to join your notebook for an important presentation. But luckily, a range of technology firms have come to the rescue by bundling all the connectivity that you might need into a single USB-C hub device – saving you by dongle hell.

Today, we have a peek at QacQoc‘s USB-C hub GN30H( which oversees to squeeze an impressive eight ports into a package measuring only 105 x 48.5 x 11.5mm.

Look & texture

The GN30H is a slick aluminium alloy device with curved borders and comes in silver, distance gray, gold and rose gold to game the color of your MacNovel. It joins to your notebook via a white USB-C cable, with the ethernet jack on the other finish giving just a little bulge of white plastic.

The hub feels well-built in the hand and by a size perspective I don’t understand how anybody can fit any longer ports into something small – it makes me wonder why Apple couldn’t merely include more ports on its MacNovels, but ’s beside the point.


This hub is all about connectivity, and comes with the following ports:

  • HDMI (full-size) with a built in video adaptor that supports 4K/30Hz and 1080P/60Hz
  • USB-A (3.0) x 3 to get quick data transfers with rates of up to 5Gbps
  • Gigabit Ethernet jack for rates of up to 1000Mbps
  • USB-C with support for both USB Power Delivery (USB PD), which means your MacNovel can be charging at full speed while simultaneously using some of the other ports for information transport
  • SD-card
  • MicroSD-card

It’s a fairly exhaustive list – I # & can 8217;t recall the last time I utilized a vent not available here, so full marks for putting the dongles you might need into a single portable device.


There’s no installation required, this is a straight plug-and-play USB-C hub.

In usage

I have found myself making the use the USB-A (3.0) ports, therefore I can plug in memory sticks and still link to an outdated non-WiFi printer which we still have kicking around, also the outcomes are only as you’d expect – superfast USB 3.0 data transport rates.

The ethernet interface is also a lifesaver for all those times when you’re in a shared office and also the WiFi is patchy at best – simply catch an ethernet cable and plug directly into the router – something which I have consistently done with my ThinkPad, however Apple only doesn’t look to think folks still do.

The SD card along with MicroSD card readers functioned well and read the memory card from any telephone or camera we threw in them, however if you re anything like me then you will just use this vent about after per year.

The surprise for me in this hub has been the HDMI support. Most the time I desire to throw something up on the TV I will Chromecast the flow, however there are many occasions when that simply isn’t an option, with poor WiFi frequently being the trigger, which is where this hub is a lifesaver.

If you’re doing a presentation and desire to plug into the projector or anything like this, then Apple’s decision not to include an HDMI port will have caused you much frustration – also the GN30H works like a charm getting that display mirrored at either 4K/30Hz or 1080P/60Hz.


If you’ve got an Apple MacNovel or Google Pixel and find yourself continually frustrated that your beautiful new notebook can’t link to all your peripherals, then the QacQoc fixes those issues simultaneously. Maybe this will give me the nudge I desire to update my ageing ThinkPad workhouse to something a little bit more lightweight but lacking in ports.


Price at time of review: Number 79. 99 (presently available at Amazon for #59. 99)




QacQoc USB-C hub

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