Review: IXCC iX-BT1 Bluetooth earphones

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Readers of this site will understand that I spend far to much of the time listening to music and podcasts while on the transfer, whether sitting in the office, walking in the playground, hitting the fitness center, or sitting on public transportation, and so cans are quite important for me.

Look & texture

The iX-BT1 earphones from IXCC are quite light, weighing only 16gram, however they are not the prettiest earphones to look at. Each earphone is linked to a close circular 1-2cm battery disc that sticks from the ear and is made from a shiny black plastic, but these discs do provide simple accessibility to the volume up and down buttons whilst in the ear. The pair of earphones are tied together with rubberised plastic cable.

The real earphones themselves are a soundport design coated with matte rubber tips offering a tight fit into the ear. The tight fit and light weight make them well suited to when you’re out jogging or in the fitness center, but they don’t feel as safe as a few of the wingtip designs currently favoured by a few sports earphones makers.


It is fairly straight forward to get the Bluetooth installation and paired with your smart phone with Sudio sticking to the same simple installation routine of their other headset. There are only 3 measures:

  • Turn away the Bluetooth on the smartphone
  • Press and grip the on/off button the earphone distant until the light flashes quickly green and red (approximately five minutes )
  • Switch on Bluetooth on the smartphone and pick “iX-BT1” and join
  • That’s it.

    Sound quality

    When listening to podcasts, the voices come through clearly and correctly, but they are missing a bass with a little too much top-end in the mix whenever you’re listening to music. If you would like to use these largely for podcasts and calls then they are fantastic, however they aren’t as great if you would like to listen to your favourite EDM monitor to receive pumped the fitness center.

    As with many headphones in this price bracket, the iX-BT1 earphones don’t encourage the AptX or AptX-HD codecs favoured by higher end cans for the audio compression used within a Bluetooth connection.

    In usage

    I’ve used these off and on to the a week and discovered them to provide adequate audio quality and call clarity with a surprisingly loud volume – I had the volume at approximately 30percent most the time.

    The Bluetooth 4.1 technician means that signal drop outs were quite rare indeed (I just had one in seven times ), also the battery lasts for almost eight hours.

    The earphones aren’t the most comfy I have worn, but they did fit quite firmly in my ears and also didn’t drop out while working out at the fitness center.


    At Number 16. 99 the iX-BT1 earphones really are a fantastic budget option if you would like to use them mainly to make/receive calls or listen to spoken-word podcasts. However, for the ones that invest more of their time listening to music, especially genres with more bass like EDM or Rock, then the shortage of bass and high-end concentrated mix implies they probably aren’t the greatest option.


    • Bluetooth Specification: V4.1+EDR
    • Noise Reduction: CVC6.0
    • Transmission Distance: 33 ft
    • Radio Frequency: two. 401~two. 482GHz
    • IPX4 Waterproof Rating
    • Charging Port: Micro USB
    • Charging Time: 1-2h
    • Battery: 80mAh
    • Playback Time: Up into 8h
    • Standby Time: 160h


    Price in the time of review: Number 16. 99 (available from #36. 99) [US]

    iX-BT1 earphones

    iX-BT1 earphones

    iX-BT1 earphones

    iX-BT1 earphones
    iX-BT1 earphones

    iX-BT1 earphones

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