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As somebody with a side hustle as a music writer, I invest a great deal of time digging through countless new bands and artists each week to attempt to find the next big thing. This passion has intended I have invested a small fortune over the decades on HiFi equipment and cans to make certain I possess the best experience of listening to music possible.

So, when I discovered that British audio pioneers Cyrus had established a brand new integrated amplifier I was excited to get my hands on a unit for review. I had grown up with a passion for Cyrus Mission speakers and hardware – my present HiFi installation is a still a pair of Missions for that matter – not just had the firm made itself a reputation for high quality equipment at an affordable price, however they were headquartered quite close to wherever I climbed up.

The Cyrus 1 was the title the firm gave to its first amplifier back in the 1980therefore, and the brand new Cyrus One is a homage to this original solution, showing the firm both understands where it comes in, but also it is time for renewal.

Look & texture

When you pick the amp from the box, the first thing that hits you is the weight – this black metal box is exceptionally well built. The design is really minimal, with two big dials on the front, the left to pick your input signal and the right for quantity, which ’s it besides a chunky 1/4″ (6 ) .3mm) headset jack. The complete black box measures a compact 85mm x 220mm the front and 390mm deep, weighing a hefty 5.6kg.

On the back # & you 8217;ve got four line-level inputs, including one with an AV bypass manner so the ONE can function as a power amplifier in a house cinema installation, a moving-magnet telephone platform to get a turntable, along with your normal speaker binding posts for four speakers.

Cyrus ONE


Setting upward the amp is really much the like connecting any other amp by adding some other divides you would like to utilize, including a turntable, CD player, or DAB radio, and then connecting your speakers. One thing you will notice each time you switch on the ONE, is the blue LEDs doing a little dance about the knobs – this light display is the ONE performing exactly what Cyrus calls SID (speaker impedance detection), where the amp steps the impedance of the attached speakers and adjusts its output accordingly.

Alongside its typical line inputs, the ONE additionally has Bluetooth with AptX service available as among the inputs the left dial – making it effortless to wirelessly connect your telephone or notebook into the amp.

To installation Bluetooth, there are only three quite simple steps:

  1. Switch on the ONE and rotate the left dial to pick Bluetooth as the input
  2. After a couple of seconds switch on Bluetooth in your telephone or notebook and the ONE must look in the menu
  3. Select the ONE in the menu and then wait several seconds for it to pair

Setting upward Bluetooth for wireless speakers is significantly easier than setting up WiFi, meaning you can wirelessly connect to the amp in areas where WiFi is not available, however I could have liked the ONE to additionally have had Chromecast Audio support. That saidthere’so lots of line inputs available, therefore buying a Chromecast Audio and plugging it into the ONE is a fairly affordable addition.

In usage

Right from the beginning I was impressed by the clarity of audio generated by the ONE – it’so bright, lively, and tidy, with Cyrus really showing their heritage as among Britain’s greatest music technologies firms.

Putting the amp through its paces with a selection of noises with everything out of Strange Boy’s cinematic ‘Corbusier‘, to the blues of Keb Mo’# & s 8216;Am I Wrong’, to the classical oomph of Wagner’# & s 8216;Ride of the Valkyries’ the sounds remained wonderfully balanced, with impressively tight non endings, giving a very obvious experience.

By implementing the latest generation Class D technologies in the ONE, Cyrus have managed to avoid the distortions that pose themselves with thinner monitored circuit boards, as well as their SID technology has approximately the traditional Class D difficulty of variable sound with different speakers – the ONE will create the finest of your speakers without any additional installation.

After hours of testing out the ONE, the just slight negatives I discovered were the credit card remote is a bit finickity to utilize and that there is not any DAC or WiFi streaming options built in. However, Cyrus offers a solution to both of these.

For the distant, there is a Cyrus ONE distant program (iOS/Android) which gives you the same functionality in your smartphone – and you also don;t have a tendency to lose down your phone the rear the sofa.

For the shortage of a streaming option, Cyrus have awakened with a variety of HiFi stores up and down the UK to package a Google Chromecast Audio with the ONE for no additional price – plus also comes with 3 weeks of access to the Tidal HD audio streaming service. I’t raved about the utility of the Chromecast Audio earlier, and its good to find producers view the worth in bundling the little dongle to bring most the streaming and multi-room benefits it brings.


The Cyrus ONE is a fantastic no-frills amplifier that punches way above its weight for the price. It is among the couple amps to supply CLass D technician in the sub-#1000 class, also the integration of Bluetooth (AptX) and the bundling of a Chromecast Audio implies that whether you would like to listen to vinyl, CDs, or your own favourite Spotify Christmas playlists, this is a superb option.


Price in the time of review: Number 699 with the streaming package available from select retailers.






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