Review: Aukey CB-C65 USB-C hub with 3 USB 3.0 Ports and SD & MicroSD Card Slots

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Dongles, dongles everywhere. If # & you 8217;Id purchased a brand new MacNovel, ChromeBook, or even increasingly any slimline Windows notebook then you will have noticed the acute absence of vents they currently offer by regular. Most peripherals might be wireless these days, however there are times once you really should plug in your laptop directly into the printer or use a USB stick – and it is for these minutes that we have become increasingly reliant upon dongles.

Today, we’re looking at Aukey‘s slimline CB-C65 USB-C hub, which features expansion of three USB 3.0 vents alongside an SD card reader and a MicroSD reader.

Look & texture

We’Id reviewed a fair number Aukey goods in the ago, and have consistently appreciated their minimal design choices in the ago, and the CB-C65 dongle is not any different. It is a little and simple matte black dongle measuring 33mm x 11mm x 99mm and weighting 35g, with a 200mm black rubberized USB-C cable physically attached. It’s about as tiny as you will find a dongle with these vents, and is easily small enough to easily fit in the cleverest clutch bag.


  • Interfaces: 3 USB 3.1 Gen 1 interfaces, SD card slot, microSD card slot
  • Connector: USB-C
  • Data Transfer Speed: Up into 5Gbps (USB 3)
  • SD and microSD Card Compatibility: SDSC, SDHC, SDXC, microSDSC, microSDHC, microSDXC cards
  • Total USB Output: DC 5V 0.9A
  • Cable Length: 200mm
  • Dimensions: 99 x 33 x 11mm
  • Weight: 35gram


There’s nothing to set up here, you simply plug it in and either Windows 10 and Mac OSX recognise the hub straight from the box – since it ought to be.

In usage

I have discovered the CB-C65 invaluable to have in my notebook bag in any way times, in order that I can quickly capture photographs of a camera’s SD memory card or discuss some multimedia files with friends and coworkers with a USB stick. I’Id had to utilize the hub to ensure I may utilize a wired printer in the a week – it ends up not everybody has gone wireless yet.

In terms of transport rates, when using the hub with an external HDD, we saw transfer rates and pretty much the like if we plugged the HDD in directly, so the rates are great and living around the USB 3 claims. As normal, the USB-A 3.0 vents are also backward compatible with USB two .0 and USB 1.0 devices, therefore the device ought to operate even with the earliest USB devices( but luckily most peripherals are USB two .0 these days.

The CB-C65 works just as anticipated, with no frills and no difficulty, which is precisely what you would like out of a USB hub.


If you’re in need of a few USB-A interfaces or a SD-card reader to generate all of your peripherals work with your brand new notebook, then the CB-C65 is a fantastic choice since it is small, lightweight, and does just what it claims on the tin.


Price at time of review: Number 13. 99 in Amazon

Aukey CB-C65

Aukey CB-C65
Aukey CB-C65

Aukey CB-C65

Aukey CB-C65

Aukey CB-C65

Aukey CB-C65

Aukey CB-C65

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