‘Power Rangers’ box office beaten back by ‘Beauty and the Beast’

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Image: Lionsgate

Another weekend, another pile of cash for Disney.

Beauty and the Beast finishes its second weekend in the domestic box office with an estimated $88.3 million. It’s another #1 weekend to get the live-action picture of Disney’s animated classic from 1991.

No one anticipated Beauty to come near its introduction, which clocked in at a record-setting $174.8 million. But do not read too deeply into the seemingly large 49 percentage audience decline from the first weekend to the second. This is at the lower end of average to many Hollywood blockbusters.

The narrative was mostly the identical abroad. Estimates point to some 119.2 million next weekend, which brings Beauty‘s box office outside the U.S. to $373.3 million. With a worldwide cumulative box office of $690.3 million, don’t be surprised if Disney adds another billion dollar movie for its catalogue in the next couple of weeks.

Power Rangers never actually had a shot at competing it functions a narrower audience than the Disney flick but it emerged from its opening weekend with a domestic estimate of $40.5 million. That’s a so-so operation for the $100 million-budgeted movie, which provided moviegoers a counter-programming into Disney’s smash hit.

Lionsgate is geared up for a long haul in theaters with Power Rangers. Some of the key releases in foreign exchange markets including France, Italy, and Spain do not occur until early April. Arguably the biggest foreign release in Japan, in which the series was originally born is place for July 15.

The opening weekend foreign estimate which accounts for greater than 30 non-U.S. markets, including the U.K., Canada, and Hong Kong is a mere $18.7 million. It’s looking like Power Rangers might struggle to achieve profitability, which might influence Lionsgate’s reported plans to get a six-movie arc.

Kong: Skull Island rounds out the box office top three with an estimate of $14.4 million. Not a fantastic third weekend, however, U.S. ticket revenue are only gravy at this point for Warner Bros. Kong was a big international success, with a whole foreign take of $258.6 million thus far.

A few additional quick notes about the weekend box office:

  • Sony’s sci-fi/horror newcomer Life written by Deadpool scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick is off to a rough start, with a domestic estimate of $12.6 million. Foreign markets included another $16.1 million, however with just a couple of foreign openings left it’s looking like Life will fight to hit its reported $58 million funding in box office earnings.
  • Logan rounds out the best five, adding another $10.1 million (estimated) to its already-impressive box office run. The weekend finish brings the X-Men spin-off’s domestic complete upward past $200 million, and the cumulative global box office as much as $565.5 million.
  • Once again, Get Out in #6 is the dark horse contender for strongest functionality of the weekend. It’s estimated $8.7 million finish might not look like much, but audiences remain strong after over a month in theaters. There was only a 35 percent decline in attendance between Get Out‘s fourth per fifth weekend a tiny amount that speaks to continued buzz and word appeal.

All present box office estimates are provided by comScore and all historical data stems from Box Office Mojo.

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