Party Like A Rock Star In Belgrade

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Belgrade has been the capital of prior Yugoslavia and is currently the capital of Serbia. It is famed for 3 things. For its Summer open air river nightclubs termed Splavovi, bars, cafes, restaurants and nightclubs filled with individuals socializing with each other open every single day of the week and also for the attractiveness of Belgrade girls.

In the beginning of the 21st century Belgrade opened its boundaries the world. Party travelers conducted to have a look at this brand new city, they found it amazing and with testimonials following testimonials, both journalists and bloggers round the world decided to check out Belgrade. After a couple of years BOOM, the Guardian, New York Times, Lonely world, CNN as well as other prestigious newspapers named Belgrade as among the world party capitals.

Belgrade PartyingBelgrade Partying

The individuals are nice and the food is not expensive, is just one of the standard remarks.  We had the opportunity to talk with the main man when it comes to the Nightlife and Hospitality in Belgrade, Mr. Marko Savic and obtained an insight about the happenings in Belgrade.

Party Like A Rock StarParty Like A Rock Star

Belgrade is divided into two entirely different fashions and public classes, mainstream and hipster communities.  Mainstream individuals pay attention to dress codes, visit superior restaurants and look after their image over ever.  Beton Hall (mainstream place ) is a place they visit daily after work till late in the evening.

Beton Hall AreaBeton Hall Area

Hipster audience is growing rapidly, with 3 regions which are reminiscent of the Berlin infrastructure.  Savamala (most popular), Cetinjska region (Huge old mill divided into 100 places all over old mill facilities) and Industrial Dorcol place are a few of the favourite spots.

Savamala AreaSavamala Area

For the mainstream areas that you want reservations, entrance code and bookings in advance, while at the hipsters areas you just have to appear in a fantastic mood. Sometimes there’s an entrance fee costing several euros.

Marko runs the famous nightclub service, Belgrade in Night. This service provides quick and completely free information to Belgrade visitors about where to go partying, booking services for the many well-known locations and provides crucial information regarding the location of the best celebration for that particular night. This all depends upon which the travellers seeking.

Belgrade in Night service provides packages which include transportation to any club that you need, best situated tables in any of the favorite Belgrade nightclubs and entrance to nightclubs without the have to wait in line.

If you’re visiting Belgrade, these men will allow you to research it in the most creative manner out there.

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