Oscar winners flashback: Best Picture in 1965, 1966

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The Sound of Music and In the Heat of the Night shocked several audiences in the 1960s by grabbing the Best Picture awards in Oscars 1965 and 1966. Let’s look into it.

1965 Best Picture: The Sound of Music

Yes, this is a syrupy movie according to a syrupy Broadway production plus it performs loose with the facts regarding the famous Von Trapp family singers, but who cares. This Rodgers and Hammerstein musical group box office records and is still an yearly favorite on television during the Holiday Season. It is filled with unforgettable tunes and beautiful cinematography.

Julie Andrews, that wasn’t picked to reprise her Broadway function in the film version of My Fair Lady (1964), gained revenge when she won as best actress that season for Mary Poppins and has been nominated again for her role as Maria Von Trapp. Robert Wise, who’d won best director for West Side Story (1961), won again with this film.

1966 Best Picture: In the Heat of the Night

In the Heat of the Night

This film was so powerful that it spawned two sequels and a very long running television series. Sidney Poitier performs a shameful Philadelphia police detective who while visiting in Mississippi becomes involved with a reddish neck sheriff (Rod Steiger) along with his investigation of the murder of a Chicago businessman. As the investigation continues, the sheriff gains a grudging respect, and then quiet admiration, because of his counterpart.

Although sometimes criticized, then and now, as painting a distorted picture of Southern life in the 1960therefore, the film was an important milestone in its depiction of racial prejudice.

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