Organic Fertilizers and Concoctions: Effective Microorganism (EM-1)

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Effective Microorganism (EM-1) is a microbial inoculant which utilizes beneficial microbes to market soil and plant health.

Microbial Inoculant. These are biologically active products containing an optimum quantity of population of a single or a combination of active strains of beneficial bacteria, algae or fungi which are helpful in different biological activities like decomposition or organic residues, nitrogen fixation and enhancement of nutrient availability to crops.

EM Activated Solution (EMAS)

  • Extended type of EM-1
  • Use the same manner as EM-1
  • Cheaper in comparison to EM-1
  • Mixed in the drinking water of farm animals and for watering plants to improve their immune system
  • Also utilized as a spray to induce animals to eliminate the foul odor.
  • Source of beneficial microorganisms employed for making organic fertilizers quicker, better effectiveness and no fould odor

Materials for Making EMAS

  1. EM-1 (Genuine)
  2. Molasses (Clean and uncontaminated)
  3. Non-Chlorinated water
  4. Plastic container with cap


  • EM-1 — 5 percent
  • Molasses — 5 percent
  • Non-chlorinated water — 90percent
  • For 1 liter: 900 ml water, 50ml molasses, and 50ml EM-1


Fermantion is 7 days.

  • Place container in a cool and safe place.
  • Loosen cap regular to discharge gas formed inside the container during the fermentation period.

Points to consider

  1. Good quality and correctly fermented EMAS includes a sweet and sour odor and light brown colour
  2. The shelf life of EMAS is just one (1) month
  3. EMAS can still be diluted with water to maximize use and consumption
  4. Diluted EMAS is great for one (1) day only


  1. Dilute 1 tablesppon of EMAS with 1 liter of non-chlorinated water.
  2. Spray or warm water to crops once or twice per week in the morning or in the day


  1. Dilute 1 tbsp of EMAS with 1 liter of non-chlorinated water.
  2. Spray inside and outside the pencil once or twice a week to eliminate foul odoor
  3. It may also be utilized for bathing farm animals like pigs to eliminate the foul odor.
  4. It may also be utilized as drinking water to prevent illnesses.

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