New law provides free irrigation to farmers with 8-hectare land

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The President on February 2 inked Republic Act (RA) 10969 or Free Irrigation Service Act, which exempts farmers who have eight hectares of land or under in paying irrigation service charges. RA 10969 also condones all unpaid irrigation penalties and corresponding penalities of all farmers who’ve the equal size of land to the National Irrigation Administration (NIA), a government-owned and -controlled corporation responsible for irrigation growth. According to NIA website, irrigation prices are pegged at the price of 2 cavans of palay per hectare during the wet year, and also three cavans during warm months for diversion strategy.

For storage method, irrigation prices’ speed are at two .5 cavans per hectare and 3.5 cavans per hectare during wet and dry seasons, respectively. The NIA also gathered fees with a speed of five to 10 cavans per hectare (wet season) and six to 12 cavans per hectare (dry period ) for pumps process.

The newly-signed law, however, doesn’t waive irrigation service charges for farmers with over 8 hectares of land. Corporate farms, plantations, fishponds, and people drawing water to get non-agricultural procedure are also not covered by free irrigation service. The Free Irrigation Service Act is a consolidation of Senate Bill 1465 and House Bill 5670 accepted by the Senate and the House of Representatives on October 11, 2017 and November 20, 2017, respectively. (SunStar Philippines)

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