Myths and truths about the banana

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The banana generally like those people who don’t have any predilection for fruit, since it has a feel and a different taste .  But it is also possible that after having the idea of ​​eating banana, a negative idea  arises in this respect: the banana grows fatter.

This fruit is wrapped in a match of lights and shadows, dependent on myths associated with the number of calories, sugars and certain accusations of getting in the method of losing weight.  Is this accurate?  Is the banana a forbidden fruit?

Is the banana a calorie bomb and sugar?

Well here’s the great thing: give yourself a flavor and like the flavor of banana and the nutrients it provides since you can consume it generally , like any other fruit.

Although 100gram of peanuts  have significantly more carbohydrates compared to other fruits, their glycemic load, which is, the indicator of just how much sugar will consume when we have a carbohydrate meal, is medium-low.

In addition, though the WHO (World Health Organization) urges that the consumption of glucose be under 50grams daily  however the intrinsic glucose of the fruit is outside of this recommendation, since there is not any scientific evidence to associate the consumption of this kind of sugar to the growth of obesity or other diseases.

Therefore, these 50gram maximums therefore refer to additional sugars in processed goods , table sugar, honey, etc., to not sugar that is naturally present in foods like fruit or dairy.

So, the banana is not a caloric bomb?

100gram of banana contribute 85 kcal, which is to say: couple calories, since our typical daily caloric budget is two,000 kcal and, in addition, it is a food rich in fiber, so it has an important satiating power.

All this information brings us nearer and closer to the idea that bananas are completely fit for wellness and for weight management .  Moreover, the banana is an ideal supply of minerals, easy to digest, with inulin, which favors the growth of our intestinal flora and completely suitable for diabetics.

The banana contributes to some healthy and varied diet, and we may swallow it with complete tranquility enjoying all of its taste, since eating a diet rich in veggies and fruit protects us out of overweight (and several other diseases).

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