Mao Shirt Collar

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The Mao shirt collar or “Mandarin collar”, is a very particular kind of collar.  It is characterized by being a kind of short throat open, raised and with curved ends.  This kind of throat is inspired by the pendants of Imperial China, and has its title from the famous Emperor Mao Zedong.

Its look is that of the traditional shirt collar, but without shovels.  Due to its particular look and contour, it is a really versatile kind of throat.  The Mao collar handles to combine the elegance of a traditional collar with the most casual appearance that is achieved with a shirt.  Thanks for this mix, you are able to combine getting an informal appearance or even a more serious and tasteful appearance, adapting to all kinds of occasions.  This facility to combine shirts with Mao collar with other clothes, is just one of its main benefits and is just one of the reasons in each wardrobe there has to be a shirt with this kind of collar.


The Mao collar could be combined with shorts, jeans or dress pants, may be worn out wearing the shirt inside or outside the trousers, with or without a coat, buttoned or unbuttoned depending if we wish to acquire a more elegant fashion or much more casual.  Mao throat is increasingly used and is quite fashionable at this time, especially in spring and close the coast.


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