‘Lip Plumpers’ — Should You Use Them To Puff Up Your Pout?

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Our lips are like a ‘sponge’. The longer you expose them to moisture, the longer they consume it and also receive plumped up. But if you fail these little babies, they dry out and seem miserable. While that you always have the option to slather a coating of petroleum jelly onto your lips in order to upward the moisture match, there is another choice known as ‘lip plumper’ which has been trending in the cosmetics world. If that you aren’t comfortable with cosmetic surgeries still wish to acquire a pair of fuller and more juicier lips instantly, lip plumpers are not yours.  But what is the real secret of these products? Do they actually show positive outcomes without endangering your lips? Let us discover here.

Lip Plumpers

What Are Lip Plumpers?

Lip plumpers are transparent or tinted lip merchandise available as gel, balm, or gloss, and may be used to get the temporary augmentation of lips. It is said that a large part of these products contain organic elements, which give us bee-stung, perfectly kissable lips by plumping it up.

The ingredient lists of lip plumpers generally contain cinnamon oil, capsaicin, ginger, mint, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, wintergreen, retinol, etc. Some of these elements are proven to fatten our lips by irritating them, while others lead to a little puffiness as well as flush by boosting the stream of blood through them.

However, it was discovered that the use of lip plumpers results into an embarrassing stinging or burning sensation while adding an excess shine to our pout. All these cumulatively create our lips appear plump.

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How To Apply Lip Plumpers?

Before we dig into just how lip plumpers give our pout a plumped up appearance, here is how you really need to use them:

  1. Choose a lip liner having a colour closer to a natural lip colour and line your natural lip line with it without going overboard.
  2. Pick your favorite lip plumping gloss and then dab it right on the middle of the lower lip.
  3. Press your lips together to ensure the gloss has spread throughout your lips and make them look fuller.

How Do They Work?

According into cosmetologists, all lip plumping products operate in any of the following 4 ways:

1. Lip Irritation

Lip plumpers comprising ingredients, like cinnamon oil generally operate by irritating our lips. They create a tingling sensation along with a considerable swelling, which make the lips look ‘fleshier’. Even though this method of working appears to be unpleasant, the scope of irritation is really mild and it is also quite secure.

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2. Blood Stimulation

Certain lip plumping potions use the age-old idea of ‘stimulating blood for swelling up’. While plumping other pieces of the body desire different ingredients, they operate essentially in the identical manner. The existence of capsaicin, menthol, and so on, in lip plumpers may result in an instant blood hurry into our pout. Hence, we get plump lips easily.

3. Vasodilatation

Some lip plumpers work via ‘vasodilation’ in which the smooth muscle tissues within the walls of blood vessels contract and expand naturally.  These goods are rich in caffeine as well as vitamin B3, which facilitate the widening of the blood vessels in our lips. This impact of vasodilatation increases the stream of blood the lips and leaves them look fuller with a significantly plumped-up look.

4. Cell Boosting

Finally, there are several lip plumpers, which accompany an ‘inward approach’ to plumping in an innovative manner. They contain ‘biological additives’, for example hydration, atelocollagen, tripeptide mix, and hyaluronic acid, which function as ‘cell-boosting molecules’ and improve the general wellbeing and feel of the lips simultaneously. You can encourage the increase and functionality of your lip cells using such lip plumpers, thereby getting fuller and thicker lips with time. They also soothes and moisturize lips while working to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. However, these additives are usually extracted from animals. So, if you’re a vegan, you might choose to steer clear of these.

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The thick, shiny formulation of a lip plumping serum adds heavily to its plumping effect. It not just plumps up the pucker but also makes the finishing ‘ultra spectacular’.

Lip Plumpers

About Treatment Lip Plumpers

There are quite a couple of lip plumpers that have therapeutic benefits and therefore, are utilized as therapy products for lips which require a little bit more volume. The significant ingredients of these items include marine collagen, peptides, as well as certain human growth hormone, which may stimulate the secretion of collagen and elastin in our entire body significantly and create our lips juicier and sexier internally. They might also contain hyaluronic acids such as holding the natural moisture from the lips and making them look attractive.

Should You Use Lip Plumpers?

Lip plumpers are indeed that ‘pick-me-up solution’ for nearly all of us who’ve neither voluminous lips the guts of undergoing operation. But regardless of how much dedicated you are to your substance, that ‘Kardashian-esque’ lip amplitude can cause you highly burning sensation and intense discomfort. So, using it daily is actually NOT fine! Also, be certain you don’t overuse it.

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Natural Lip Plumping Choices

It’s true that if it comes to getting plump lips, nothing could be easier than lip plumpers. You can save thousands and thousands of dollars by plumping up your lips with these ‘wonder-working serums’ and receive nearly instant results. However, their consequences aren’t so powerful. You can anticipate the consequences of your favorite lip glosses to continue  to get just a couple of hours.

On the other hand, the secrets behind the majority of these commercial lip plumpers are organic ingredients which we can easily find in our kitchen. We have mentioned how spicy extracts (hot pepper or ‘capsaicin’, cinnamon, etc.), mint, ginger oil, caffeine, menthol or menthol derivatives, etc. ) are being inserted by companies for their lip plumping formulae in order to yield surprising results. Hence, you can simply choose some of them and use it directly to get a bloated look that lasts.

A Few More Tips…

Here are a few more tips to get fuller-looking lips:

  • Take care of your lips. Pamper it daily with a luscious lip balm rich in a lot of hydrating natural ingredients.
  • Choose the colour of your lip colour wisely. Dark colors can make your lips appear younger while lighter and more neutral colors make them look fuller and more pliable.

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