Lady Gaga proves she acts good too with A Star is Born movie

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Music and acting may not go well simultaneously for many, but Lady Gaga has proved it by making some wide choices. She had earlier won a Golden Globe award for the American Horror Story: Hotel, and now she is appearing in A Star is Born, fourth remake of the 1937 movie starring Judy Garland.

She is in the lead role as Ally, who is a singer and her career flourishes after her talent is discovered by alcoholic music superstar Jackson Maine, role played by director Bradley Cooper. Her character romances with him, but everything seems to get ruined due to his addiction problems and industry pressure.

The movie is equipped with some good music, fine performances and of course captivating romance. It is a perfect announcement about successful transition of Gaga into acting. It is also a perfect example on how the industry makes casualties of several stars.

Even though the modern A Star is Born is early for Oscar talk, but it triumphantly placed itself.

Several celebs from music industry have failed to get an easy transition into movie and one such example is Madonna, who has mixed fortunes in the new venture and it can be said her acting career is still in early stages. For Beyonce, she has not yet found a place in acting.

Meanwhile, role of Cooper has been appreciated. He is magnificent with bleary eye and carrying mystique of a superstar. He also seems to have used good knowledge of directing a movie as over the years he has worked with some of the greatest directors.

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