Kris Jenner connects spirituality to Jordyn-Tristan kiss scandal

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Kris Jenner is not any longer mouth-shut over the kiss scandal of Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson in a home party citing spirituality.

The momager explained to Ryan Seacrest to a radio series, “I find that just the spiritual side of me has to kick in because otherwise I feel like I wouldn’t survive.”

Praising her six children she said they have made great decisions in life and all are trustful.

For about a month accounts are emerging which the version has hooked up with the athlete. It is also being alleged in media Khloe Kardashian has called it quits with father of the child, Tristan.

A source said Kardashian family has done a lot for the 21-year old Jordyn and are currently disappointed. All are stunned and in disbelief too.

Earlier this month the model admitted Tristan had kissed her the lips, but things didn’t proceeded past.

In that a supertease for the upcoming Keeping Up With the Kardashian season earlier this week Khloe Kardashian was spotted breaking down in tears expected to the scandal.

Kris additional, “People watch the show and we remind them of things that their family might be going through or things that they’re experiencing or don’t want to talk about… And suddenly here it is right there for them to watch and see how they might handle it or go through it because it’s real.”

However, the scandal has impacted lives of entire family.

Kris further continued that Kylie is a classic soul and super intelligent who has most amazing work ethic.

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