Katie Price to send eldest son into residential care

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Katie Price recently needs her eldest son Harvey to be shifted into residential care Monday to Friday since he is partially blind, autistic and contains Prader-Willi syndrome.

The 16-year old had earlier smashed up iPads and televisions in the house. Katie thinks he’s become hazard to himself.

During her look on the Victoria Derbyshire series the Loose Women celebrity disclose that she is recently thinking to send Harvey to care facility on a part time basis.

The 40-year old additional, “He knows if he kicks off in the morning, the driver won’t take him to school. So he’s sussed that and he’s missing out on his education… He just wants to be with me all the time.”

She disclosed finding hard to care Harvey along with other four children – Junion, Princess, Jett and Bunny.

Katie further said she chooses care of Harvey by herself rather than keeping a carer for himbut she thinks over it.

The celebrity opened that she despise keeping a carer because he is her life, but she nee to do exactly what is ideal for him.

She additional, “When he’s smashing things, and the kids are scared of him because he’s big, he’ll chase them and stuff. I’ve just got to do it for him.”

Katie asked her supporters and others to give advice about the way to deal if her son moves to residential care since it will be very tough for her.

In 2002 Katie’s mother Amy quit her job to assist out giving care to Harvey as much as possible.

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