Katie Price mistakenly appears live on air without make Upward, running into studio

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Katie Price had been live on air without make upward while she conducted into the Good Morning Britain after getting late as a result of slow traffic on her path into the studio.

Apologizing for getting stuck in traffic and being overdue for the live morning news series Katie discovered she had been live on air.

She was to show up with mommy Amy, however Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid filled up the time with their prolonged previous interviews and the advertisement breaks were given a few additional tie.

Piers jockingly said, “We’re going to keep this going because Katie Price is supposed to be here with her mother but is stuck in traffic, this is slightly chaotic.”

Susanna claimed Katie was stuck in traffic and following Piers indicated to likely call her in the car.

The two demonstrated Katie is trapped on the Westway and there is half possibility that she might arrive at the studio on time.

Katie thereafter was viewed running into the studio in her trackies and without some make up. She was clueless things are live on air.

She discovered turning into the cameraman she had been live. She said, “we’re not live are we?”

She was advised the camera is roling. She exclaimed, “You’re lying, are we really?”

The series was supposed to chat about Amy’s health struggles with progression of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, which is an incurable lung condition.

Amy is now living in Spain believing warm weather is beneficial for her. Her apartment is the sea there.

Amy these days walks 10,000 measures every day.


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