Justin Bieber Posts Funny Pics Of Him On Instagram

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Justin Bieber published a weird photo Wednesday on Instagram, but however it was amusing also. It was modified or edited photograph of himself with a ponytail and stretched nose out.

The photograph of Bieber is a close up side view of his encounter, however, an amusing appearance of course with his editing programs.

The youthful singer captioned his photograph “It’s time I introduced you to my brother Tony Bieber.” However, Tony doesn’t seem like the photo. A tattoo on his throat gives his identity.

It is not known why he published this odd picture on his Instagram accounts and amid this time when his relationship with Selena Gomez is again going on eloquent.

The two are in relationship for decades, but they were into on-again, off-again love. It appears Bieber is trying to find out methods dealing with separation with the girl. Lately he’d been seen getting comfy with blond beauty Baskin Champion in the concert of Craig David in Los Angeles.

About Gomez his father Pettie mallette once said, “If he loves her I love her and I’ve met her and we have a special bond so I think she’s precious.”

Beiber’s mother once remarked, “I think anyone with real love in their life is more grounded. I think there’s so much confusion sometimes and facade in this Hollywood world, and so it’s important for us to find the ones that truly care and stick with them.”

Bieber had earlier outdated Kourtney Kardashian too.

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