It’s Pi Day in the USA

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We love Pi, even if it is illegal in Toronto. And everybody in the planet is envious of Americans now, who due to the silly manner they capture dates, get to observe Pi afternoon on 3/14. Here is a recycling of a number of those previous Pi fillings:

It’s not rational, but it is a good American nerdy tradition, Pi Day in America, the one evening of the year at which the month/day/year format provides pleasure to our lives. The remainder of the planet can only be grumpy and consume something different.

The strangest thing about Pi Day is the way it inadvertently legitimizes America's flawed and completely illogical date arrangement.

— Freddie Campion (@FreddieCampion) March 14, 2014

Over on MNN, Melissa coated pi in good detail with 8 bizarre truth about pi.

Herein we around up a Number of our favorite Pi Day articles:

picycle© Tang Yau Hoong (with permission)

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