Huge LED installation now livestreaming Earth images in real-time (Video)

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In an homage to influential images of Earth removed from outer space, this artwork installation takes it up a notch by livestreaming views of Earth in real-time, prompting us to consider the bigger picture.

When astronauts took the first color photograph of Earth from the Moon’s surface, the view of our gleaming, blue world suspended in the enormous, dim reaches of outer space no doubt prompted many to consider the preciousness and fragility of our homeworld. This profoundly moving image of Earthrise has rightly been called “the most influential environmental photograph ever taken” — an iconic reminder of our reliance on this planet — this one blue jewel, and our responsibility to it.

In 1972, this was followed by another incredible image called Blue Marble, accepted by Apollo 17 astronauts. Now, we have another version of these emblematic images, through Chilean designer and artist Sebastian Errazuriz’s blu Marble, an inspiring, 20-foot-tall installation that contains the livestreamed image of Earth. Watch:

Blu Marble – Sebastian Errazuriz by josh wehle on Vimeo.

blu Marble by Sebastian ErraZuriz, Powered by blu&backup; blu Marble by Sebastian ErraZuriz, Powered by blu

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