How to Lower Blood Pressure Quickly and Easily

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A physician listening to his patient’s heartbeat with a stethoscope

Hypertension is among these silent diseases that is increasingly becoming an area in developed countries. In USA it is estimated that there are already 34 million hypertensive patients, though 14percent don’t understand it. The easiest and most frequent method to lower blood pressure is through drugs. 

But these have side effects and the procedure to find the optimal therapy generally requires a considerable time. That’therefore the techniques of corporal and psychological relaxation are a fantastic ally. Only a couple of minutes and used daily can decrease systolic blood pressure, which indicates the highest number in reading the tension. 

A research by the Benson-Henry Institute of Mind-Body Medicine in the Massachusetts General Hospital, affiliated with the Harvard Medical School (United States) has contrasted a anxiety management technique known as ‘relaxation response’ with education about changes in lifestyle like sodium reduction (less salt in the foods ), weight loss and exercise.

The writers discovered that blood pressure decreased significantly more in the relaxation reaction category . In addition, 32percent of volunteers in that category were able to eliminate an anti hypertensive medication and maintain their blood pressure under control in comparison to 14percent of the lifestyle category.

The relaxation reaction, developed by Harvard physician Herbert Benson, has demonstrated decrease the heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing rate and muscle tension. So they describe the process:

  • Select to centre a phrase (for example ‘# & one 8217; or #8216;calmness ’-RRB-, a brief term or a sentence.
  • Sit quietly in a comfortable position and near your eyes.
  • Relax your muscles, progressively from the ft to the knees, thighs, stomach and in order to the neck and face.
  • Breathe gradually through the nose and silently repeat the term, phrase or prayer to yourself once you exhale.
  • When other ideas include to mind, don’t stress, simply turn your attention back to your phrase, phrase or prayer.
  • Do this between 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Sit quiet for a minute or longer and then open your eyes.
  • Practice the relaxation reaction once or twice every day.

Systolic and diastolic Systolic pressure identifies to the blood pressure when the heart beats when pumping and the diastolic pressure to the blood pressure when the heart breaks between a single heartbeat and the next. The standard blood pressure is in the instance of systolic less than 120 and less than 80 for diastolic; in hypertension the values ​​are between 120-139 for the systolic and between 80-89 for the diastolic; When there is hypertension the systolic amounts are 140 or over and 90 or longer to the diastolic. 

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