How to Dress a Customized Suit

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Tailored suits are made with your dimensions and tastes in mind. Therefore, in this informative article we desire to give some advice on how it is advisable to wear a suit tailored.  In this manner, we will achieve an attractive and contemporary appearance , constantly preserving the sophistication that characterizes us.

  • Last button unbuttoned

As you understand, many suits have 2 buttons, therefore we just have to fix the top ; if it is a coat that just has a button, we will possess to fix it unless we desire to go more informal.  When we sit we should reverse the button in order not to induce the coat to possible moves.

  • Let see the H of the shirt

Nowadays it is fashionable to see the cuff of the shirt by the sleeves of the suit, therefore we shouldn’t believe our coat is little because the fist of the shirt is visible.

  • The underside of the pants

It is advisable when standing the pants end at which our apparel shoe begins; we may take it a little longer so there is not too much leg vulnerable if we sit .  We urge the first option, since it follows the organic course of a pair of pants.


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