How to Delete Your Online Gambling History on the Web

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Plenty of folks are still biased against gambling in any form. While it is lawful in many sections of the planet, a number of your family members might not be understanding. So if you use a house pc for online gambling in a reputable DGE approved casino, you still might want to delete your online gambling history when you are done. Let’s look in a few ways to do some housekeeping after a fantastic session of online gameplay. For the interest of simplicity, we’ll only pay the planet’s hottest browser – Google Chrome.

Delete Browser History

This is only the first measure in the procedure since it doesn’t completely delete your history. It simply removes your history . The info is still going to be available on Google’s servers, also we’ll demonstrate the way to delete which second.

For this particular action, you want to click on the three vertical dots and proceed to History >History >Clear Browsing Data. This will open a new window with a couple options. You’ll see browsing history, cookies and cache files. Ticking the first box will delete the browsing history saved in the regional machine. You may also select to delete cookies and cache, but it might sign you from other websites. Finally, click on the button which states ‘CLEAR DATA’, along with your browsing history will be taken off.

That being said, the information is still saved elsewhere, and that is exactly what we’ll pay next.

My Activity Page

This is where you will find a goldmine of information on your browsing habits. This data-rich environment is where you can select to archivefile, download and delete all of your browsing history on Google Chrome.

The webpage are available at this URL – – and even if you are signed into a Google accounts you may directly access all of your information here. There’s a slew of data , and you can be amazed at the quantity of information Google gathers. Don’t be surprised, however. This is the way Google is capable to market highly targeted advertising placements because of its advertiser base.

On the main My Activity Page window, you will see an option called ‘Delete activity by’. Click on which and it will require you to a brand new page with different options. You can select to delete – which is beneficial if you understand precisely if you went online on your gambling session. But the best part is you could eliminate data by Google product. That means if you played with the online casino on that your Android device, you can delete this history from here as well. When you are prepared with the filters, click on “DELETE”. You’ll find a friendly warning instant from Google but click ‘Ok’ to proceed. If you change your mind at this point, simply click outside the instantaneous pop-up window.

And that is it. Do these 2 measures to delete your online gambling history on Google Chrome. You might desire to consider using Chrome’s Incognito Mode the second time you go to that a DGE approved online casino.

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