How To Convert iPhone Photos Into Artwork

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Heard about Pixuru? It is an interesting program for Apple’s iPhone that may bring life into your photographs. I figure at this time you’re well aware with the Istagram in creating masterpieces to your clicked photographs with your telephone camera. The creativity does require a place in your living-room wall and Pixuru program is the answer to it.

The Pixuru program for iPhone comes free of charge and with it you can purchase print copy of your artistic photographs. The programmer claims each photograph is carefully reviewed with their specialist to rectify any shortfalls, if any.

The pricing of the prints are all fair and shipping is completely free.

Presently the program is available for iPhone, but it is learned an Android version of it is coming shortly. Meanwhile, if you’re non-iPhone user, you may still purchase the print out of their Web program at

The ordering process is simple and quick. Immediately launching the program you receive a discount deal of 10 percent on the first sequence in exchange for registration with email . Do be aware, the discount supply is on the entire first order instead of just on the first print.

There are only 3 steps in ordering a print Pixuru app. You have to pick a item first, pick size of your anticipated print and then simply select a photo. The sizes of print include # & 6 215;6 inches to 30×40 inches.

There are just four kinds of prints available on the program today – framed, metal, canvas and wood. It is interesting you could purchase a photograph printed onto your iPhone situation also.

For choosing a photograph you are able to perform it from Instagram, Facebook, or by the iPhone itself. After the photograph is loaded, editing is not allowed. Only you are able to pinch and swipe scale and proceed. But yes, you are able to rotate the photograph or the framework as you desire.

Its done. Now include your own address and credit card information. Pixuru promises shipping will probably be down within 2 working days.

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