How to Attract Interesting Birds to Your Garden

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Have you watched the birds not too long ago? If not, I’d heartily advocate it.

Our UK birds embrace bully robins, timid wrens, light pigeons, and here-today-gone-tomorrow swallows all combating for survival. It’s like a cleaning soap opera on the market.

I adore it as a result of chicken watching is certainly one of the few actions that doesn’t price rather a lot and it offers again to the atmosphere too.

Our backyard birds are feeling the hit of local weather change, farming change, and our obsession with constructing over the pure world. It’s a travesty as a result of our birds are lovely and feisty. It’s unattainable not to admire them.

So, right here’s how one can appeal to what’s left of our declining chicken inhabitants to your backyard and watch them flutter about their enterprise.

Before lengthy you’ll begin to recognise sure people –the blackbird with a white spot on his wing, or the blue tit with a darker shade of blue as a hat. Maybe they’ll even carry their infants alongside for you to see.

Why Birds Are In Decline

It’s us of course.

There’s been a critical decline in the variety of UK birds throughout the nation. Think again, when did you final see a thrush, a skylark, or perhaps a little brown sparrow?

This decline has taken time. It hasn’t been a dinosaur-type mass extinction. Birds are robust, they’ll take successful and evolve, however it’s getting out of hand now.

The State of the Nations Bird’s Report says modifications in farming exercise equivalent to digging up hedgerows for bigger fields, drainage, and modifications in cropping apply has led to lack of habitat and meals sources.

Birds don’t get an opportunity to choose round in the cornfields anymore. They’re harvested, ploughed and planted once more immediately. Added to that our elevated use of pesticides means insect-eating numbers are falling too.


Climate change additionally performs its half. Migratory birds equivalent to swallows have began laying their eggs earlier by round 15 days. That doesn’t sound like an enormous deal, however it means they aren’t hitting peak insect time and the chicks don’t get sufficient meals.

The birds that appear to cope greatest are the ones that may reap the benefits of your benevolence! Robins, tits, nuthatches – woodland species that may make the most of the backyard.

I assume it’s our duty to present birds with meals, water, and habitat, in any case, if it’s wasn’t for our housing estates and big meals necessities they’d naturally flourish.

Good information then that you may assist them. The birds we noticed as kids are nonetheless there. There’s not so many, however they’re close by they usually’re in search of water, meals and a house.

That’s the place your life-saving again backyard could make an actual distinction.

Provide Fresh, Clean Water

The single most vital factor you are able to do is present a water supply. Nothing can survive with out water. All wildlife relies on it.

Birds want a lot of water in the summer time and don’t overlook about the winter months which might be windy and dry. Unless there are many puddles on the floor, discovering a drink might be thirsty work.

They additionally want water to hold their feathers in good condition. Shabby feathers imply birds get moist and chilly.

You can simply and cheaply arrange a birdbath to get an ideal view of their actions.

bird bath

I arrange a big terracotta saucer over the summer time and inside half an hour blue tits and blackbirds had been consuming there. I’ve upgraded to a number of birdbaths which can be artworks now, however the terracotta saucer stays for my hedgehog guests and the blackbirds appear to choose it.

Bird baths want common topping up. Birds will solely use their power to go to if there’s a constant provide. You’ll want to clear it too – a easy scrubbing brush as soon as per week is sufficient to hold mosquitoes and algae to a minimal.

If you’re feeling beneficiant, a birdbath at ground stage and one off the floor will appeal to a larger variety of feathered buddies. Blackbirds, for instance, feed on the floor and like water there too, while little birds like robins and tits choose a safer peak.

Another great way to appeal to birds with water is a pond. It doesn’t want to be giant, simply deep sufficient so it doesn’t dry out. This will appeal to every kind of wildlife.

Provide Nutritional Food

After a water supply, offering meals is the subsequent greatest means to appeal to chicken life to your yard.

In the summer time dry climate causes meals shortages and through a freezing winter it’s in brief provide. Small birds like robins and blue tits can merely die of their sleep from chilly and starvation. That’s not a pleasant thought, particularly when you are able to do one thing to make life simpler for them.

Bird meals isn’t costly and it makes an enormous distinction. The RSPB say supplemental feeding saves lives, so be a superhero.

I’ve discovered that every one birds nice or small go to my feeders thrice a day.

In the morning round 7-8, then lunch at 12ish and earlier than sunset at 5-6 or earlier relying on the time of yr. They are creatures of behavior for positive.

What meals you set out is determined by the kind of chicken you’d like to appeal to. Here are some concepts.

bird feeder

Seeds and Nuts

  • Millet seeds – adored by home sparrows, finches, dunnocks, and doves
  • Peanuts – Great tits, blue tits, coal tits, robins, wrens, nuthatches and greenfinches
  • Sunflower hearts/seeds– all birds love these
  • Black sunflower hearts/seeds – all birds love them they usually’re larger in oil than normal ones so much more helpful.
  • Nyjer seeds – goldfinches and siskins love them as do nuthatches, home sparrows, greenfinches and nice noticed woodpeckers. Nyjer seeds want a particular feeder as they’re very small.

Fat balls and coconut halves

Most small birds, and massive ones too, like and profit from strong fats balls. It offers them an enormous increase throughout the winter, however in summer time they’ll stay untouched and infrequently soften in direct daylight.

You’ll discover fats supplied in some ways, however the mesh baggage that maintain fats balls are a hazard to birds whose small ft get trapped in the netting.  Pop them in a dangling feeder as a substitute or select secure no-mesh coconut halves.

You could make your individual by melting lard and including seeds or fruits. Refill your emptied coconut shells or use a plastic cup.

Grated delicate cheddar is a good fats supply too, and notably appreciated by robins

Flutter Butter

A comparatively new and tidy idea! A specialist jar of fats suits neatly in a hanger or mounted wall mount.


Blackbirds and thrushes love fruit. A handful of plain sultanas or currants on the chicken desk or floor are at all times welcome, as are chopped apples, pears, and grapes.


Mealworms and Waxworms

Robins, tits, and lots of others love mealworms and waxworms.

You should buy them dried or dwell they usually’ll be eaten up rapidly, however wildlife hospitals warn towards feeding wildlife extreme quantities of dried mealworms as it might probably lead to bone softening. Offer fat, seeds, nuts, fruit and dried mealworms as a deal with.

Natural Growing Foods

Plant some bird-friendly berry bushes equivalent to hawthorn, ivy, teasel, and pyracantha. These present pure meals sources in the type of pollen-attracted bugs and fruit.

You might additionally cease utilizing backyard pesticides. Bees and caterpillars are prime meals selections for birds together with all method of bugs. Create a pesticide-free wildlife-friendly backyard and the birds will transfer proper in.

What Not To Feed The Birds

Food is greater than welcome all yr spherical, however in the spring and summer time cease feeding entire peanuts and enormous chunks of meals as these can choke child birds.

Smaller birds received’t take wheat, barley, break up peas, beans, rice or lentils however bigger birds like doves, pigeons and magpies will. If you need to hold these sorts of birds out, stick to hanging feeders with seeds that small birds get pleasure from.

Bread is the conventional meals for birds, however it doesn’t have something in the means of vitamins. You must also keep away from salt which they’ll’t metabolise, sugary meals and something with alcohol in it.

How To Easily Feed Birds

Put your feeder in a secure place so birds really feel assured coming for lunch.

They aren’t doubtless to go to the centre of an open backyard, preferring to conceal in the security of timber and hedgerows.

Here are some methods you may constructed their confidence and get an ideal view too.

A chicken desk

Either freestanding or hooked up to a fence, chicken tables give a sense of safety to birds and forestall bigger species getting all the meals. Some have additional hooks and poles to connect fats coconuts and small dishes of water.

hummingbird birdtable

Hanging feeders

There are a lot of differing kinds and also you want one to go well with the feed.

A mesh-metal feeder is nice for fats balls and peanuts, a plastic drop-down feeder is nice for seeds, and we stated above, Nyjer seeds are tiny and wish a specialist feeder.

If squirrels are an issue a squirrel-proof chicken feeder with a domed roof or weight baffle will forestall them taking all the choices.

Feel sorry for the squirrels?

Me too!

Keep them off the chicken feeder with their very own squirrel café. The little chaps elevate up the lid and take out a peanut.

Suction feeder

These are clear plastic bowls that stick to your window for an excessive shut up.

If you don’t but have many backyard birds, you’ll want to acquire their belief with hedgerow choices first – however they may include time.

You may purchase novelty chicken feeders equivalent to teacups and stakes that push into the soil with a plate on prime. These are fairly and make enjoyable items.

The floor

Many birds can’t hold from a feeder and wish to eat from a flat floor.

You might discover tenacious robins attempting to attain sunflower seeds from a dangling feeder to no avail. Ground-feeding birds like these have to eat from the grass or a big chicken desk so that they don’t have to cling on.

Keep Everything Sparkling Clean

We’ve already spoken about the significance of unpolluted water and the identical goes for meals sources.

Each week scrub down your desk and empty the feeders. Use soapy water or purchase a light wildlife-friendly antibacterial spray. Birds are susceptible to respiratory infections which might unfold by way of chicken desk spores.

If you discover some meals is left at the finish of the day put out much less, in any other case the spare will go moldy or appeal to rats.

Provide A Safe Habitat

Garden birds are shy, they’re predated by cats and bigger birds equivalent to sparrowhawks so that they hold a low profile. You’re more likely to appeal to birds into your backyard if its leafy and has loads of hidey holes.

cat hunting bird

If you’ve gotten a hedge go away some bits wild, birds love to conceal in the thicket. Thick bushes are good cowl and timber are nice for birds however we haven’t all received established timber or the room to plant them.

If your outside house is compact select a crab apple or decorative cherry and plant it close to your water and meals stations. These timber don’t get too huge however give birds security. The additionally present insect habitat and fruits for them to eat.

So that’s the atmosphere sorted, however what about a spot to sleep and lift a household?

Birds love to huddle in the depths of a hedge, however hedges are all too typically changed with wood panels which are not any good for wildlife and in the case of hedgehogs, detrimental. It’s your responsibility to pop up some chicken bins and dig a gap beneath the panels!

Birds want shelter throughout a chilly winter and they’ll snuggle up collectively for heat in nest bins. In springtime, they’ll use these nest bins to lay eggs and fledge younger.

Your birdbox wants to be out of the direct solar or children will die of warmth, it additionally wants to be out of attain of cats, so the prime of a fence line isn’t any good. Tucked towards a shed or wall is an effective choice in the event you’ve no timber.

Clean out nest bins in autumn to forestall spreading illness and don’t go too close to in springtime, simply pay attention for the little pip-pips.

Roosting pouches are one other smart way to present some heat and security at night time. These are cheap woven nests that hold in a hedge or tree. They look beautiful too.

How To Watch Birds

After you’ve improved your backyard and made it a des-res for Robin and Jenny-wren how are you going to get take a look at your guests?

Put meals and water shut to a window

The most evident means is to draw them nearer to your window.

This might take persistence as our shy birds like to stick to hedges and timber. You will want to regularly add additional meals sources nearer to your window over time.

A suction window feeder is the final in confidence. If they’re glad to come that shut, you’re a bird-whisperer.


If they received’t come to you, cheat with binoculars.

An honest pair will permit you to see every feather, beak shapes, and their little legs in wonderful technicolor.

The actually shy ones like woodpeckers are much less doubtless to come shut, so if you would like to see a rarity, binoculars are important.

Leave your binoculars by the window as a result of getting up to seek for them solely ends in scaring away the birds.

Nest cams

Bird Box Cameras are a improbable glimpse into the secret world of birds. But beware!

If you’re sentimental like me you’ll watch the little birds develop every single day, identify them and await fledging. If one thing ought to occur, they usually don’t all make it, you’ll be upset.

I’ve watched blue tits and nice tits fledge from a nesting field with my nest cam and it’s nerve-wracking, particularly the time I noticed a magpie wanting by way of the entrance gap.

If you purchase a nest cam match it throughout winter otherwise you threat disturbing a nesting pair.

bird box

A information

Either an app or an old style guidebook will present you the way to determine the completely different species that can now flock to your chicken paradise.

Can you inform the distinction between girls and boys? What about migratory birds and kids? There’s a lot to be taught.

It’s all too straightforward to mistake a fledgling robin for a sparrow as they don’t develop a particular crimson breast till maturity. Some of the rarer sorts like fieldfares could have you working for info, so greatest get it to hand to start with!

Bring On The Birds!

To entice birds into your backyard you want to provide water, meals, and a secure habitat all yr spherical. It’s no good simply feeding from time to time or letting the birdbath run dry. Birds are fickle – they may observe the sources and who can blame them.

I hope this information has helped you consider how one can carry extra birds into your backyard and that it’s inspired you to begin bird-watching.

Our little feathery chaps need assistance, and your backyard may very well be the excellent atmosphere to increase their numbers – not to point out you’ll get pleasure from some enjoyable no stress chicken recognizing.

It’s the greatest pastime round.

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