How Fast Racing Horses Run

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The Triple Crown of thoroughbred racing is a title given to race horses that win the top few races in the same calendar year, in the 3-year-old division. 14 countries have a version of the Triple Crown. In the United States, those races are The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness and the Belmont Stakes. The Kentucky Derby is conducted the first weekend in May, the Preakness occurs two weeks after and the Belmont Stakes is conducted three weeks later the Preakness, generally in ancient June. Many horses have won two out of three, but just a couple have won all three. Since 1916, there were 11 United States Triple Crown winners. No horse has won the American Triple Crown since 1978. If you like horse racing then you probably delight in placing a wager or two on it. However, it’s always important to ensure that your stakes are well informed. We’d recommend checking out The Winners Enclosure for daily tips and insights into the world of horse racing. World’s Fastest Horses Sir Barton has been the first horse to finish the Triple Crown in 1919. Secretariat, widely considered the best thoroughbred in American history, won America’s horse racing Triple Crown in 1973. At the Belmont Stakes in Belmont, New York, Secretariat won the race with an astounding 31 lengths, cementing his claim since the fastest thoroughbred. He was clocked at 37.5 miles per hour (60 kilometers per hour) during the race. He conducted 1 1/2 miles (12 furlongs/2.4 kilometers) in two:24. Affirmed has been the past American horse to win the Triple Crown, in 1978. He conducted the speediest last mile in Belmont history, finishing the race in two:26. Affirmed’s rival horse, Alydar, had been the first horse to finish second in three Triple Crown races. Petro Jay One of all the fastest thoroughbreds ever recorded was Petro Jay, who in 1982, was clocked at 40. 18 miles per hour (64 kilometers per hour) in Turf Paradise in Arizona. He finished 6 furlongs (3/4 mile) in 1:07.2. Quarter Horses Quarter horses, while bigger than thoroughbreds, are built for speed in short distances. In a race a quarter mile or less, the American Quarter Horse could operate around 55 miles per hour (88 kilometers per hour). Quarter horses don’t make decent prize racing horses. A quarter-mile race is hardly a race in any way, at least for horses. Quarter horses don’t possess the endurance to maintain high rates for more than a quarter mile.

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