Hepburn’s system, or How to become strong

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Becoming strong is not quite as difficult as it might appear at first glance.  This is only a matter of endurance and determination.  And it#8217;s a fantastic idea to select a system which would assist bones to build muscles.  But you desire to strategy it wisely.  In the 50s. past century, Doug Hepburn – among the best athletes of the “iron game” – having completely studied his entire body, made a unique system which is quite simple, but requires time to implement and is very difficult for both the nervous system and muscles.  The one that used it managed to recuperate correctly showed amazing progress.  Sometimes athletes utilized this app for just 1 motion, and it also functioned flawlessly.  This is an effective strategy to improve results in lagging exercises, and besides, recovery in this situation is easier.

Hepburn could be reliable.  His natural information did not entirely correspond to the image of the future legend of weightlifting.  But by the era of 26, he sat down with 230 kg in many repetitions, pushed 182.5 kg out of his chest and squeezed 205 kg while lying, and at the Olympics he set a world record in the seat – 157.5 kg.  For these times, unprecedented figures!  Like several in these times, he developed his own training procedures, progressing without any professional advice, and today we have the opportunity to utilize his methodology.  Especially since it functions terrific.

What it is

Hepburn’s method is a linear progression program which includes just complicated motions.  This application doesn’t use to rapid moves, like push or lift barbell the torso, since if you execute a series of hefty singles, then the following dynamic moves simply will not remain.

The Hepburn system is only 1 exercise to practice: heat # & up 8211; five single repetitions &# 1 8211; five sets of five repetitions.  In the future, you include one repetition in 2 sets each week.

For Hepburn, who’d 152.5 kg, the application looked as follows: warm-up # & sets 8211; 60 × 5, 100 × 5, 125 × 3, 135 × 2; then five singles from 147.5 kg; also, finally, five sets of five repetitions with 125 kg.  The second course, obviously, looked like this: heat # & up 8211; 60 × 5, 100 × 5, 125 × 3, 137.5 × 2; five singles from 150 kg; five sets of five repetitions with 127.5 kg.

How much time does one work on this system?  As much as weight develops.  As shortly as the expansion ceased, immediately switch to a rigid application.

The main principle of the Hepburn application is the slow increase of the training burden.  Since Hepburn’s training sessions have been stored on a single exercise once every week, per week, increase weights by 1.5-2per cent.  If you didn’t handle to work five singles with a brand new, increased weight, or you didn’t have sufficient power to perform all five sets of five repetitions, then at the following training session (in a week) test again with the identical weights.

These figures – 1.5-2% – are basic.  If you increase the load also dramatically, the outcomes will not increase.  It is much better to begin with slightly smaller scales and gradually but surely move towards visible shifts.  Some accomplish it in 3 weeks, a few in 2 weeks.  The more attentively you will increase the load, the further you progress.

Hepburn’s app first, using singles, strikes the ligaments and joints, then provides the muscles with an impressive number of basic work.  Singles will make it possible for one to pay additional attention to questions of type, and five sets of five repetitions – to get deep into their reserves.

How it functions

The following four weeks you will spend one exercise every day.  But, believe me, the benefits will be colossal.  The progression is simple: you include one replicate to two collections to get a single and one replicate to a single place for work.  Usually, if folks discuss the Hepburn method they give a textbook case with a bench press.  But the procedure is quite possible to practice with the upper media, squatting with the barbell, the deadlift, working with the media and several other exercises.  But never utilize this strategy more than once every week to get the same body area.

Working with this particular system, you average will raise over normal time.  And among other things, this way is not as traumatic than others.


As for weight, it is sufficient to use just 80percent of its maximum.  At the end of 4 weeks, include 5 kg to the bench press and # & 3 8211; to work with the legs.  When the cycle is finished, replicate it again.

And don’t forget that you want to begin with a series of warm-up sets.  They must not be too much, in order not to get too deep into their reservations and help you save power to execute the app itself.  Three or four places is sufficient.

To create the plot apparent, the first digit is the sets, and the next is the repetition.

Week 1: # & 6 215;two, # & 2 215;3 single; # & 3 215;7 operate;
Week 2: # & 4 215;2, 4×3 single; # & 2 215;7, # & 1 215;8 operate;
Week 3: # & 2 215;two, # & 6 215;3 single; # & 1 215;8, # & 2 215;8 operate;
Week 4: # & 8 215;3 single; # & 3 215;8 operate.

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