Growing a year’s worth of produce on 1000 sq. ft. in 4 hours a week

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The Plummery is an experiment. The outcomes of that experiment appear great.

From a 23 year old woods garden to a 1 acre permaculture farm, Happen Films have brought us lots of beautiful videos about people growing food on whatever territory they have available. Their latest is no exception.

Visiting Kat Lavers on her 1000 square foot backyard roughly 8 miles from the centre of Melbourne, Australia, the video investigates ways that Kat and her spouse have structured their territory to develop a majority of their produce year round. (You can trace information of their abundant harvests via Instagram.) Using a variety of techniques including permaculture design, polyculture, and aided by an army of free array quails, Lavers states the goal isn’t to become entirely self-sufficient, but rather to gain some independence over, and connection to, the foods they consume –and then to build connections with others that are growing food in a way that is “consistent with having a future”.

As somebody who formerly discussed volunteerism as the cheap oil of permaculture, I feel obliged to point out The Plummery’s achievement is expected, in component, to a constant flow of volunteer “WOOFers” (people who operate in exchange for room, board and education in organic gardening). But the entire point of Permaculture is to evaluate what tools you’ve got available, and also design the method to utilize those tools effectively, efficiently and ethically. So great on The Plummery for doing exactly that. And it might just explain how they develop such a stunning amount of meals on that which they claim is approximately four hours operate a week!

If you like what you see here, please consider supporting Happen Films on Patreon. They are certainly makers of a few of the more informative, inspiring and visually beautiful videos about growing food which I have observed.

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