Giant crocheted organism with tentacles emerges in Paris (Video)

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The practice of crochet can look like a rather docile, domestic activity. But nothing can be further from the fact, if a person observes how many are using decorative to’yarnbomb’ dull cityscapes, make unique lighting accessories, or perhaps fix pesky potholes.

One may additionally utilize crochet to simultaneously animate indoor spaces and pay homage to social activists, as Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos has performed in this tremendous installation now up in Paris’ earliest division Le Bon Marché. Dubbed Branco Luz (“White as Light”) and “Simone” (in homage to French thinkers Simone p Beauvoir and Simone Weil) the work includes an inflatable, sinuous form that is coated with crocheted textiles.

Gabriel de la Chapelle&backup; Gabriel de la Chapelle

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