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The benefits of eating fresh veggies  are increasingly present in society and in grocery chains.  Not simply do they benefit the wellbeing, however its taste  is quite a bit more real than that of the frozen veggies thanks to the little time which moves from the backyard into our plate.  Carefree is mindful of the growing need to consume fresh each and every single day, and therefore has chosen to supply veggies of current collection, with a maximum of 48 hours from the time it is collected until it reaches the shelves of its centres.  All a wager to encourage the local market of quality.

What are the benefits of eating fresh vegetables?

Fresh veggies keep the taste far better compared to other options available in the marketplace, for example frozen and cut off vegetable bags, ready to consume.  In addition, nutritionally they don’t lose some one of the nutrients they have, like antioxidants, vitamins or fiber, essential to treat the digestive tract.

Consuming new veggies, as carried out by Carefree, implies having the collaboration of local manufacturers, a point which also guarantees exceptional quality in the products.  This strategy additionally enriches the maintenance for the environment, since transportation distances are significantly reduced and therefore CO2 emissions are decreased.

With this initiative you promise that the goods you have are in the ideal point of maturation to be absorbed and you’re contributing to decrease the ecological impact that the transportation of food generates over extended distances.  One more step within the Act to get Food campaign carried out by Carefree which makes it possible to eat healthier.

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