Foods that you should not eliminate from your diet

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January 2019 :

– Hello routine and hello diet .

– Goodbye Spicy delicacies that Mrs. Christmas brought to my life .

It’s time to place your batteries and commence that brand new year’s goal that you promised a lot of times in December: eat healthier.  We understand that certainly only the idea of changing your diet has generated you chills however serene, there are foods that you like and you will be happy to understand that by consuming them you are not committing a capital sin.  In reality, you should NOT eliminate them from your pantry if it seems like it.  We current you …

The potato

One of these foods that we never sacrifice long as we discuss eating healthy because we consider it too high in carbs.  What we perform not understand is that it is a fantastic source of fiber and helps produce energy.  It is also quite rich in vitamin C.

Where does the idea that helps us gain weight gain from?  The issue comes rather to cooking fried since carbs consumed (sadly ) the virtue of well consume liquids like oil, which in the finish is fat and can not prefer weight reduction.  Conclusion: the curry is a fantastic companion of diet if it is cooked also functions as an accompaniment to fish or beef.

The banana

We hear banana onto a diet and it seems like a joke.  That if it strikes, that if it fattens, yes, yes … Well, no, gentlemen, the banana is a supply of pure energy that helps reduce cholesterol and prevents muscle cramps so it is the ideal ally for individuals who They match a healthful diet with athletics.

The chocolate

That yes, we can just remain with the black and also give us the whim on infrequent occasions.  In low-calorie diets, experts recommend consuming 1 ounce every day at times of best “weakness.” In addition, studies claim that it helps activate metabolism and benefits the functioning of our core.

The egg

With this particular food the same thing happens with the potato and it is that, depending on the way you cook it, it is possible or not Curious in our particular January slope.  It is quite rich in phosphorus, iron, potassium and magnesium but sadly it is another of the sacrificed.

So, how should I cook it?  A scrambled egg with veggies, French omelet or boiled egg are all totally healthful foods to take an effective diet.


They are a low-carb and incredibly energetic foods, in addition to providing an infinity of beneficial nutrients for health like calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc.  Some lentils with chorizo, no, of course, however cooked with vegetables or as a cold salad (quite fashionable by the manner ) create an ideal menu for your diet.

The nuts

You may not state that they don’t have any calories that they are not a fantastic source of fat since we are lacking in the truth.  What is known is that, absorbed in their appropriate measure, they could help us to decrease the gut and look after our health.  They can also be a excellent satiating food therefore it favors the restriction of quantity of the meals that we normally eat.  Come on, they#8217;re ideal for the mid-morning bite ).

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