Fantastic anatomical drawings of flora & fauna depict death & renewal

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Combining realism with an otherworldly aesthetic, these artworks remind us of the interconnectedness of throughout life.

Sometimes it’s not clear to our eyes, but everything on Earth and in the universe is interconnected and interdependent upon one another. This fact can appear in impressive ways, like discovering that millions of heaps of sand from the Sahara desert migrates annually over the sea to feed crops in the Amazon rainforest.

This basic theme of interconnection could be expressed in artwork also, as Italian artist Nunzio Paci does with functions, performed with graphite and acrylic paints, and depicting anatomical details of wildlife, together with colourful explosions of flowers, plants and fungi.

Nunzio Paci&backup; Nunzio Paci

Nunzio Paci&backup; Nunzio Paci

Paci’s artworks are realistic yet fantastical, reflecting the artistic traditions of the Baroque and the Renaissance periods, nevertheless additionally incorporating scientific knowledge of body, botany, medicine and taxidermy.

Nunzio Paci&backup; Nunzio Paci

Nunzio Paci&backup; Nunzio Paci

But in addition to Paci’s fascination with “the body — human, animal, vegetable — in all its transitions: mutation and hybridization, decline and regeneration” — that he brings in much more sublime themes of spiritual regeneration( as expressed in the ethereal luminescence that pervades his topics.

Nunzio Paci© Nunzio Paci

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