Everything you need to know to get the perfect beard

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Did you know there is fear of beards?  It is known as pogonophobia, and inferior of people who suffer now.  Because the beard is not a fashion, but something established in society for decades .  Long, hipster design, perfectly organized, entirely rowdy, three times … We see all kinds of citrus on the road, and less and less shaved.

But beware, it’s not enough only to allow your beard grow.  It requires a series of maintenance and attention that virtually nobody performs correctly, which may impact a beard with dire capillary conditions.  Luckily, we will help you fix this issue with a series of tips to have the beard you always dreamed of.

How to increase our beard

The beard doesn’t rise at all to us both.  In truth, it is complicated to render us uniform, and several select to shave as if there is a morning to determine if it increases hair in that region and get in the potential to be the brand new Hugh Jackman.  However, the single thing you will achieve is to irritate the region , since there is absolutely no evidence to reveal that shaving involves greater hair after.

This depends in large part on a genetic issue which little could be done about.  In spite of it, your beard develops is not something impossible in any way, since there are a few elements that could assist us attain the goal.  How can it be otherwise, these have to do with the maintenance of the own body, since everything is linked.  We render you several keys:

  • Exercise.
  • Out of anxiety .
  • Sleep sufficient .
  • Balanced diet .  Foods rich in protein, iron and amino acids prefer the development of the hair of the beard.  Vitamins B5, B3 and B9 feel especially great.

There are other goods such as argan oil or coconut oil that hasten this process, provided that you have a beard, of course, it doesn’t work miracles either.

Wash that your beard as if it were a precious commodity (since it is)

A couple of days have passed (or even a couple of hours, it depends upon every one) and you have a beard.  Not just is it sufficient to get here, the complicated thing is coming today.  You need to treat this region of ​​the confront, starting with a clean with a special shampoo or soap.

Do not create the mistake of using hair shampoo in the beard, since the scalp has a different pH and requires different nutrients from the skin.  Once you have the right solution, it’s time to start.  Follow these simple steps:

  • Wet the beard correctly with warm water, therefore it also reaches the skin.
  • Apply the shampoo or soap and massage the entire location.
  • Rinse with warm water to ensure no shampoo or soap remains.  Finish with soapy water to near the pores.
  • Dry with a towel lightly.

The important thing is not too far to wash the beard as the skin beneath, so it will be essential to achieve this point.  If the beard is not yet long enough, it will be well worth carrying out this procedure in the bathroom.  If the thing begins to get complicated, do it in the shower and dry with a hairdryer in a medium temperature afterwards , as a wet beard spoils the hair.

How frequently do you have to wash your beard with goods of this sort?  Some specialists advocate a daily wash, while others are somewhat less demanding and are satisfied with three times every week, provided that the remainder of the times you employ water to keep it alive.  Our beard withstands the wear of pollution or tobacco smoke, maybe not to mention food scraps or things like this, thus keeping it clean is compulsory, especially with sensitive skin.

Subsequent hydration is every bit as important

We already cautioned you which the beard requires greater effort than we might think at first.  If you think washing your beard with shampoo is a lot, hold to the chair that still has greater to do.  It is the turn of natural oils or balms .  The latter is essential.  No articles with parabens, silicones or dyes and other chemicals which will just cause long-term harm to skin in a million ways.

The oils are suggested for the normal beards, and function to keep it tender and adequate during the day.  Once it is totally dry by the action of the towel the drier, have a few drops and then rub gently.  How several drops?  Four or five in overall, with more might be an effect too oily.

For more beards it is better to utilize a balm, which in addition to moisturizing also fixes and gives contour.  In instance none of these liquids has the desired impact since our beard is overly damaged or frizzy, we will have to purchase a conditioner, which repairs the damaged surface and returns it to its normal condition.

We aren’t all, the brushing is missing

If the hair dryer the mind is not ideal for the beard, why do the opposite happen with the comb?  There are special brushes which finish an exquisite care.  It’s the final quit, on which it is determined by everything you’t done before is very good for something or maybe not, so don’t skimp on spending at this point.  Therefore, avoid the typical plastic combs which don’t sit well with your own beard.

Depending on the form of beard, the brush ought to be different.  The thicker and wider, the more split the teeth have to be.  If it is brief, the bristles should be nearer together.  Finally, the process is simple but mandatory: ​​Twist the coating on all sides softly, without pulling.

If you have grey hair, it is best to tint and not dye

It doesn’t fail.  When you attain a certain age, grey hair begins to create its appearance in the beard, making you feel elderly.  To avoid falling into depression, it is greatest to colour them with a tub of colour, not dye them and frighten your most precious products with chemical solutions.  However, we urge that you depart the grey hair as you have and wager on taking care of them specifically.  The solution goes through greater oils and less shampooing, since being a thicker and coarser hair requires products which provide softness.

Do you desire to begin from scratch?  Do it attentively

The beards are cool, however they could get tired.  The time has arrived to shave, to finish with that pile of hair.  Keeping that your beard requires sacrifice, but shaving additionally includes its thing.  Especially since the majority of us shave seriously without knowing it, and also our skin endures without receiving any aid.  Aim, there go the shaving periods:

  • Open the pores with warm water.
  • Use shaving lotion and distribute it.
  • Wet the blade in warm water and shave following the natural development of the hair, never against the grain.
  • Soak in cold water to near the pores.
  • Use moisturizer or some special aftershave.

Once you seem like a little child without a beard again, the wheel begins spinning again.  Go back to the first section or make the most of depart with pogonophobic individuals .


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